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New Study Reveals Spiders ‘Tune’ Their Web As Guitar Players Tune Their Strings


You know what they say, nature has already invented everything and we humans, are only copycats. According to researchers from UK and Spain ( via Gizmodo), spiders are actually tuning their webs just as guitar players tune their strings.

Spiders are so much more than these creepy creatures you find under your bed or in some dusty corner, they are sophisticated creatures, which actually know how to tune their web in order to receive specific information about their environment. According to the paper, published in the Journal of the Royal Society, each silk transmits vibrations across a wide range of frequencies, these frequencies propagate and transmit information to the spider, such as the presence of prey, the presence of a potential mate, or other things about the environment… Researchers even found out that spiders are able to manipulate 3 silk characteristics, such as tension, stiffness and architecture so that transverse waves and longitudinal waves ‘can be adjusted, or tuned, by the spider when it adjusts the web’s tension and the stiffness of the web’s outer rim and spokes, known as the dragline’… ‘The various degrees of active influence on web engineering reveals the extraordinary ability of spiders to shape the physical properties of their self-made materials and architectures to affect biological [i.e. data transmission] functionality,’ wrote the authors.

Spider webs can be very complicated, and yes beautifully done, but we should even have more admiration for these animals knowing all the engineering going on behind these creations, designed and finely tuned to send specific information to the architect. Spider silk is supposed to be very resistant too, and if these vibrations produce sounds that only spiders can hear or detect one way or another, we have to wonder about these sounds coming from this fine tuning,… may be spiders are making amazing music in another sonic dimension.

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