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Must See??? Mariah Carey’s Christmas Run At The Beacon Theatre, December 2015



Here is a mix and match. First info on Mariah Carey’s Christmas run this December. I had my eye on it last year but the New Year’s Eve 2009 gig was such a drag I decided against it. So following the information, read  my nearly seven years old review!!!


Mariah Carey
December 8, 9, 14, 15, and 17

Global superstar Mariah Carey returns to The Beacon Theatre this December for the second annual All I Want for Christmas Is You concert series. Celebrating her iconic Christmas catalogue, which includes 1994’s Merry Christmas and 2010’s Merry Christmas II You, Mariah will bring her powerhouse vocals and celebrated live show to fans on December 8, 9, 14, 15, and 17.

Get the best seats first! Tickets are available via a Chase advance sale NOW through Friday, October 16 at 10PM.

Tickets will go on-sale to the general public Saturday, October 17 at 10AM.

And now my review from January 1st, 2010 (ps the West-Gaga comment refers to initial NYE MSG gig, cancelled when Kanye went to rehab…)


It coulda be Lady Gaga and Kanye West but that tall glass of water Taylor Swift had to  whine about Kanye’s hi-jinx and instead I’m stuck watching Mariah on a sled coming down from the roof singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

Oh dear.

Now I got problems.

It is 11pm and I’ve sat through possibly the worst major pop star turn by a so called potential big time player in the unspeakable Trey Songz. Does nobody have fucking ears? Two basses, a drummer, and a synth player and they are all too loud. A painful mess I would pay cash money for them to shut up. In a sharp gray suit (is gray the new black?) Trey does nothing much with “I Need a Girl” but the audience at least shakes itself out of its champagne high long enough to cheer. “Beautiful Girl” doesn’t manage that. And for some inexplicable reason he doesn’t sing “LOL :)”.”May I speak to the ladies?” Trey inquires. ” What woman had amazing sex in 2009″. Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth.

But OK, Trey is obviously a sucker act for the sisters doing it for themelves. The audience is 75% female, 75% black. The rest is a mish mash of Euro white trash and light skinned Pueto Rican’s. And we are all here waiting for Mariah to get on stage. After an interminable follow up set by DJ Plus One that gives irrelevant whole new vistas of meaning, Carey comes down on her sled, sings three songs, disappears for a costume change, sings three more songs, disappear while her best friend or hairdresser or something sings an MJ song (who between the 105.1 DJ and this bloke we’ve heard more than Mariah-if it was the other way round MJ woulda hit a high note and left it like that).

Count down to 2010 and Mariah is coming across like three kinds of half wits. I know she’s eccentric diva but I’ve seen her live several times and this is the first time her weirdness is stomach churning. She waddles across across the stage like she needs a pee, she announces a Neyo remix as though anyone could give a shit, she wheels out her oldies as an excuse to hit the high note, she has a buncha dancers following her every move a, she fans herself on a sofa while singing (highlight) a deep track from Charmbracelet she blows the lyric to “Auld Land Syne”.

But the very next song, an inspired “Obsessive” Mariah finally settles into the set. It’s been an hour and a bit and it feels as though the set is just begining . The next song is easily the best of the night. The 1991 hit “Emotions” pours out of her and everything she has failed to do all night. Mariah’s voice was never in question but her emotions sure were and finally she manages to prove she has some as she runs up and down her seven octave range. She follows it with “Hero” and everybody is singing along FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL NIGHT.

And Taylor Swift is kissing Taylor Lautner Happy New Year somewhere. I blame her. So Kanye blew her acceptance speech. It’s the fucking MTV Awards. Nobody cares.

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