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Music Producer Chris Nelson Is Suing Phoebe Bridgers For Defamation

Chris Nelson Is Suing Phoebe Bridgers
Phoebe Bridgers and Emily Bannon

Phoebe Bridgers has been on our radar for just a few years and her life has already enough drama to feed a mini-series on Netflix. Not only she was one of the main actors in the Ryan Adams dreadful story, but she is now the target of a new lawsuit. But bear with me because this is a complicated and weird one, and the story is probably still incomplete: music producer Chris Nelson is suing Phoebe Bridgers for defamation, as she allegedly used her 1.1 M platform on Instagram to intentionally make defamatory comments about Nelson, in order to destroy his reputation. He is seeking $3.8 million in damages for alleged defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and other interference with economic relations. According to the legal complaint, Bridgers accused Nelson of abuse, racial hate crimes, theft, and fraud on social media.

But it gets a bit more complicated than this. At the core of the story, there is Emily Bannon, Nelson’s but also Bridgers’ ex. Nelson met Bridgers through Marshall Vore (her drummer but also her ex) and around 2018 Bannon and Nelson both “began having consensual sexual encounters with [Phoebe] Bridgers.” Radar Online even reveals a bit more intimate details about their threesomes, and if this is TMI for you, don’t click on the link. Let’s just say that the trio allegedly celebrated their “fu-kiversary” on September 2, 2019.

However, things went sore a bit later: Nelson broke up with Bannon in Fall 2019, but Bannon and Bridgers continued to see each other. Then, in October 2020, Bridgers allegedly posted “false and misleading statements” about Nelson on her Instagram page: “In or around October 2020, defendant Bridgers published false and misleading statements about [Chris Nelson] on her public Instagram account, “@_fake_nudes,” stating: “I witnessed and can personally verify much of the abuse (grooming, stealing, violence) perpetrated by Chris Nelson, owner of a studio called Sound Space….”

Allegedly, Bridgers even directed her fans to Bannon’s IG page (which does not exist anymore) so they could know more details about Nelson’s alleged crimes. The accusations were very serious as he allegedly “beat a young Latinx man to death,” “bludgeoned at least one other man with a baseball bat,” “defrauded [a] neighbor out of an estimated $100,000-$130,000,” among other accusations.

According to a few sources, the lawsuit also drops another famous name: Conor Oberst. Nelson’s lawsuit claims that both women were also in a relationship with the Bright Eyes singer and that Bridgers’ guitarist Harrison Whitford, who was dating Bannon at the time, was unaware of the three-way relationship the women were having with Conor.

At the end of last year, Nelson also filed an assault/battery/defamation lawsuit against Emily Bannon, in which he accuses his ex-girlfriend to have published false, defamatory, and misleading statements about [him] stating, among other things, that [Nelson] is a career criminal, murdered a man, commits racially-motivated hate crimes, abuses women, stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, trafficked in stolen or fake goods, committed cybercrimes, and defrauded numerous people.”

This new lawsuit against Bridgers seems to be the logical legal continuation since both women were involved in the defamation, however, you read it right, both women have allegedly accused Nelson to have beaten a man to death. Isn’t it the strangest part of the lawsuit?

If Bridgers and Bannon really accused Nelson of murder… on Instagram… how the hell can we take this whole thing seriously? If there was indeed murder, where is the body? where is the police investigation? Murder is no Instagram story material, and unless this dead man had no family or friend, a dead body would have certainly brought the attention of the police. And if the man survived the beating, I also imagine Nelson would have heard from him and the police. Reporting a murder on Instagram sounds like the most incredible point of this lawsuit.

Instagram stories disappear very fast, and Emily Bannon’s IG account has also completely vanished. However, fans remember seeing Bridgers and Bannon’s Instagram posts against Nelson, so we can be sure that this part is real. Now the revelatory claims about these people’s promiscuous sex life – the alleged threesomes with Nelson then with Oberst – surely spice up the entire story. But this salacious affair overall doesn’t support Bridgers’s constant victim narrative: If sleeping around is certainly not a crime or a sin, it surely undermines any emotional investment someone can have in a relationship, and seriously weakens the ‘emotionally abused’ claims.

In the end, Nelson may be a complete jerk looking for a money grab – although attempting such a thing without any ground looks completely silly – but I find it curious that Phoebe Bridgers, who has been on the scene for 5 minutes, has already managed to attract so many abusive men.


  1. Sky on February 15, 2022 at 7:57 am

    “Nelson may be a complete jerk looking for a money grab” he won so who’s the jerk now?

    • Alyson on February 15, 2022 at 7:12 pm

      where did you see he won?

  2. Tess on March 26, 2022 at 1:10 am

    you come off as a sexist asshole in this post.

    phoebe has “attracted so many abusive men”? she works in an industry that contains more than a few egomaniacs in a city and culture that enables that behavior. she’s not “attracting” them any more than any other female musician in LA.

    her “sleeping around” “weakens” her emotional investment in her relationships and means she can’t be subject to abuse within them? for your own good and that of those around you, please reevaluate that statement. your thinking is really off-base.

    people can be subject to abuse in any type of relationship, and having more than 5 or so sexual partners in your life doesn’t dilute your level of connection to your partners. it’s thinking like this that writes off abuse and blames the victim. you can do better than this.

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