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Memory Motel: Part 46: The Opposition

In dark sunglasses, hoodies, black jeans and the darkest skin pigmentation, so dark it was not remotely brown and had nothing to do with Africa, two people, no not people ghosts and not ghosts… “What are these things?”, Keisha whispered to Billy. “I have no clue…” Billy replied, reaching for her hand beneath the table. The two sat opposite to them , coffee in front of them, they took a sip, Billy started to speak, “How do you do, I’m… “ but Keisha squeezed his hand and he went quiet.

“How much should we tell them?” One asked the other.

“Tell them everything, let them understand…”

“I am… “ it looked at its partner. Its partner replied, “He is Sunbeam and I am Moonshadow… freshly minted.”

“Exactly right , we represent everything that has bet against God and the continuation of mortality, we represent God and the exclusive immortality. We have both been alive, we were black holes who began by circling each other 30 times a second. Within a  20 millisecond snatch of data, we  had accelerated to 250 times a second before the final collision and a dark, violent merger.”.

“Boom” Sunbeam added unhelpfully.

“So you weren’t alive like the way we think of life?” Keisha asked

“Are you?

“Good point.” Keisha nodded, “but even by our weird world, Black Holes?”

“Don’t they live forever?” Billy inquired. Moonshadow gave Billy the dirtiest of dirty looks, lost on Billy of course in all that darkness. “So a billion years ago, you had an accident and died.”

“Exactly right.  Then we returned to the Aftermath where we were extremely happy as an aspect of God’s pure thought. If you ever wanted to hear something so extreme, so loud, so terrifying and so other sputtered into space where no one can hear it and even now the sound is reverberating through the Universe, you might understand why we prefer quiet.   But God developed what was an essentially a terrific idea and spun it out from there till now the Aftermath is a teeming mass of cluttered concepts. Everybody has a thought, a world, an idea, and so, in the hopes of opening thought and making what is indeed the purity of existence, God has made it one big headache.

“God believes, it isn’t infallible at all, that without mortality, the one thought would atrophy and become stagnant. We believe nothing of the sort. We believe that the Aftermath needs nothing more than the calm coolness of ideas. Just because God is the original thought does not give it power over all things, God chose to share the thought process and therefore opposition is not merely approved of, it is demanded and we are the opposition.”

“The thing is, in order for thought, which is the miracle of what we are, to be clear it must be uncluttered. And it isn’t any more, the Aftermath is teeming with conflicting thoughts, if we were mortal we would all be dead. Nobody agrees upon much and God embraces this chaos as the nature of freedom, of the way you can really use thought to create things. “

“What has this to do with the Stones?” Billy asked.

“Just about everything, are you guys unaware?” Sunbeam expressed the great bet.  Stones are to play their final concert tomorrow in Central Park, if it goes well the world will hear and rush to Central Park and the Universe is saved, if not, the world won’t and it ends.

“It seems like a sucker bet to me”, Billy replied.

“Not really, there are a great many moving parts and if it goes wrong it will sincerely go wrong. But God has been much more involved in the process than we have. He is actually on the ground and we be going with the witnesses. “

“Which one is God?” Billy interrupted.

“Do I get to kill Elijah?”

“God is the dog Blue and no you don’t.”

“But he deserves to die”

“Wait. God is a dog?”

“I am here because of him.”

“Then leave to the Aftermath. Nothing is stopping you.”

“Not now, now I want to get my evil spirit on.”

“But why would he appear as a dog…”

“You know what God is like…”

“Actually, I’ve been dead decades and I am as baffled now as the day before I died.”

“Like, if I go Elijah  have a heart attack… is that killing him?”

“Please, please, shut up.” Moonshadow said. “Listen to us. You will be at the concert and doing every dirty trick you can think of to stall the witnesses and stop the show.  That’s what is expected of you. But not to kill them, get them lost, tinker with the thought process, cause fights –you know? Like Casper’s Uncles. Kids stuff.”

Sunshine turned to Moonshadow and if it had an expression it would’ve been deeply pained. “Let’s get out of here. I can’t stand it anymore., how can thought be so completely impure.”

“We don’t understand you,” Sunbeam said. “There is too much static, too much clutter. We don’t get it.”

“But God does, right?”

“God adores the clutter of conflicting thoughts, he also loves the contemplation of we his first thoughts. He is ambidextrous.”

“Oh, no, you’re getting contaminated…” Moonshadow said, and they were gone.

“What assholes…” Billy said.

“That’s our point people…?”

“We are so fucked, they are scary motherfuckers and they hate any living thing… and quite a few dead ones.”

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