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Memory Motel: A Complication

“I don’t know Mick, but we need to explore this through our  art once this concert is over. One way or the other, we were wrong to think death allowed us to pass on each other, it didn’t allow us that, it forced us apart when we needed to be together more than ever.”

“We need to introduce this song, “The Aftermath”. We need to see how what we do can translate something so strange it is unspeakable.”

“And then sing it to the living…”

“Yes, that is exactly right, that is exactly what we want to do now.  My riff…”

“My words… but for now …”  Mick stood up, reached for his harp and began to blow into the world, like back in the day and where the wall should’ve been, there was no wall and Keith and Mick were jamming with the younger Stones maybe 1965, and as they jammed on “Around and Around” along with  the younger band there somewhere the place,  from a five piece to a seven piece, the young Mick taking the vocal, Stu pounding the piano like he was Jamie Johnson or more, and Keith, both of them, slouching their way into the song.

The boys smiled each other, Mick took a sip of water, and began to move around the room to the beat in his head and in the past, a snake driven dream dance, a belly cum ballet dancer, charging through the world at large in a heartfelt railroad of lost desires and life. Of nothingness and everything else.

The band settled down for the first rehearsal. Mick spoke, “We’ve decided, more or less, how we are gonna do this. We will be playing live…” Everybody laughed at this., “Live with the band that recorded it except for Mick Taylor who, unfortunately isn’t dead yet. When we recorded with Brian he will be there, when we recorded with Ron he will be there. When it is Taylor, we will use both as necessary. There will be opening acts -I know we haven’t used them before we it will start at noon and end at midnight and as person after person performs, Phillip and company will be the only ones able to hear and see us but as the day go on we hope to breakthrough and get a wider audience of the living to break through and see it. If we manage to be heard by New York we win if we are ignored, the forces that want an end to a physical universe, galaxy, everything will win and everything ends…”

“One other thing, there’s a complication” Susan interrupted. “There are forces that will want to disrupt the show, who are tired of the constant disturbance of the physical world and want it to end.”

“I didn’t know that?” Keith replied.”What can they do?”

“A lot of things… they can kill off our friends for one thing. They can sow decent. There is also a jealousy angle, apparently Hannah has slept with a ghosts boyfriend and…”

“Are you kidding me?” Keith spluttered. “There’s a lovers tiff.”

“And there is more, but don’t worry about it.

“So what do we do?”

“We watch, you rehearse…”

“Which is what we are here to decide.” Mick got down to business. “I figure two entire albums, and dozens of other songs. Maybe 50, or 60 songs. Keith and I were arguing whether to do two hour or three, I figure that given the circumstances we will need to do a lot more than that. We play till they hear us. We change the world and go back to the Aftermath”

“And we end with a new song,” Keith interrupted. “It will be one of our greatest and it will end the show.”

“So let’s do it…”

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