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Luiz Mario Rizzo’s Legends Of Vinyl’s “Gala Awards Night” Returns On September 14th, 2021: Exclusive Luis Mario Interview

After missing 2020 due to Covid related isolationism, on Saturday, September 14th, 2021, the “Legends Of Vinyl’s “Gala Awards Night” returns, at Paradise Catering Hall, 51 Avenue U, Brooklyn. If you are a dance or disco fan, or just a BPM addict, this evening is unmissable. I was invited to 2019’s Gala Awards (here). To quote Frances Joli at her induction to the DJs and Artists Hall Of Fame two years ago: “For all of you who said ‘disco sucks’? Go fuck yourself…” Last night a DJ saved my life isn’t just a song, it is a mantra for a music that has changed more than a few lives, and Luis’s dedication to keeping disco alive is God’s work.

Lead by Founder & CEO of Legends of Vinyl Hall of Fame, Luis Mario O. Rizzo, The organization will be presenting Awards to members of the DJ/Artists Hall of Fame for their contributions to the music industry and culture. Artists Honorees will be:
Jean Carne, Pattie Brooks, Phil Hurtt, Pamala Stanley, Unlimited Touch, Blue Magic, Mantus, The Ingram Brothers. Industry and DJ Honorees as of this date are Daniel Glass, Brian Portnoy, Luis Loowee R. Rivera, Randy Easterling, Roman Ricardo, Tony Cintorino, Sal Abbatiello, Scott Blackwell, Alex Garcia, James Cruz, “Legacy Award” to Ricardo Torres aka Richie Rich. And the “Golden Circle Award” to Lisa-Nocela Pacino. The organization is proud to present the 2021 Icon Artist of The Year Carol Williams (The First Lady of Salsoul) and DJ Icon Of The Year Award to Tony Smith. An after party will be a tribute to DJ Tony Smith by his best friend DJ Jeff Yahney with music and dancing will conclude the evening.

Luis Mario Rizzo is the brains behind the disco heritage producers “Legends Of Vinyl,” a place to join together with the disco stars of the 70s and 80s, and pay tribute, and I forwarded some questions to him via email. His response is below:

What is Legends of Vinyl’s stated mission?
L.O.V. (Legends of Vinyl™LLC) is an organization that is rooted in the history of music and dance culture and is now a national and international institution. Our mission is the preservation of that history enabling the education of how this phenomenon began, recognizing those who were part of it, and celebrating those legendary pioneers because without them dance music would not have evolved to where it is today. Legends of Vinyl will live on into perpetuity in commemoration and remembrance of those individual.

With the heyday of disco so far away, do you consider it a viable musical genre that has changed its name to “dance” in the 21st

There was always music before “disco” and it was called “dance” music. Disco is a type of music and a type of dance. Disco was just one element/genre of “dance music” just as was the waltz,twist, minuet, lindy, etc., each one has its own genre of music. To top it all, the Disco four-on-the-floor beat was created by Earl Young of the group the Trammps.

How long have you been involved in the music business?
50+years as one of the original pioneer DJs of the early dance music culture, but the music was always played in my home so I have always been surrounded with sound, different genres, different dances, and
different times.

Can you compete with 2019’s magical night?
I never compete with myself, I do, however, strive to outdo myself. I am working very hard to overcome the obstacles put in front of all of us in 2020 in a new venue, very much different from previous years. I never stop trying to do one better.

As a producer of live events, how did you make it through Covid? Would you consider streaming?
As you know, during 2020 I pushed a little harder because of the circumstances, my mind is always working. I created the Visual Radio “The Visionary Haven”. It is our own radio station. I knew that
people would react positively and support this great idea of actually watching the DJs perform live as they did in the nightclubs. The results are significant and it continues to attract many from all over
the world.

It takes a village, of course, how do you go about organizing such a huge event?
The initial thought process and creativity comes from within me. I have been blessed to have friends that can see and understand the passion of what L.O.V. is all about. From Philly to Boston to Florida and NY including the West Coast and abroad, I have the most loyal and talented, friends first, and partners to fulfill my productions needs, as a producer, I need to be confident to have outstanding results, and these individuals contribute to all that.

What can we expect on September 14th?
A night of excellence!!!

We are all very excited to return to the Gala Awards evening…nervous?


Looking through what to expect, the Icon Award Winner, Carol Williams, stands out. The first female signing to the great Salsoul label, as well as a member of the post-disco/garage house studio project called Komiko. While Luis’s point about disco being a genre is well taken, EDM popstars like Kylie Minogue and Anne-Marie to name but two, are the child of the Caroll Williams and Frances Joli, given the critical appreciation disco was not allowed.

More from the press release: “The Legends of Vinyl™ LLC are proud to announce that they will be presenting their 2021 New York DJ/Artists Hall of Fame Awards and After Party. The public is invited to join them as they award the industries best DJs, Recording Artists, Record Producers, Record Promotion Personnel, Record Executives, Lighting and Sound Technicians, Songwriters, Publishers, Publicists, Radio Personalities, Historians, and other associated noteworthy individuals….
“For more information please contact Luis Mario O. Rizzo at (954) 295-5919, or via email at and please visit’.

Tickets are available at Eventbrite. com here


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