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Los Angeles’ Most-Likely-To-Make-It-To-The-Top Bands



People often ask me what young bands I would recommend, which emerging artist I have noticed lately, and which band is most likely to blow up? It is a very difficult question to answer, I see many shows every week and I am never totally certain any of these bands will be able to make it, the music market is hyper-saturated and it seems that new groups are born every week in Los Angeles. But if I had to make a list, according to my own preferences, this is the series I would come up with:

Plague Vendor: I saw this band three times already and they are super entertaining. Brandon Blaine, their frontman is a hell of a performer, I have even written he channels the godfather of punk himself as his stage antics have always involved shirtless dangerous stunts with the mic stand and, of course, some acrobatic crowd surfing. His sole screamed vocals could incarnate the title of their last album ‘Bloodsweat’ and their ferocious live performances give a new name to swagger.

Ho99o9: The talented duo borrows pieces to many great punk bands and if you will see Bad Brains as a regular reference in the reviews, they are above everything a completely original rap band. They mix rap with hardcore and metal, they have performed the most ferocious shows I have been recently, and standing in their pit at the Echoplex was like being at a center of a brutal war zone. Their album ‘United States of Horror’ is more relevant than ever, and their song ‘Street Power’, with its abrupt punk adrenaline-injections, should be the anthem of the US right now.

Starcrawler: I have written a ridiculous amount of times about them, and I guess that, after making the cover of the LA Weekly and being interviewed by many fashionable papers, they have probably passed their emerging status. They are even part of Cal Jam 17 lineup in October, with Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, so they have made it to the big spot they deserve. They are so young though, around 17-18 years old, freshly graduating from high school and making the rounds while getting the biggest comparisons ever. Their raucous bloody rock ‘n’ roll party has already been recorded with Ryan Adams for their upcoming album. Should I add a cute story? Guitarist Henri Cash was just behind me at Plague Vendor’s last show and told me they were his favorite band.

The Buttertones: It’s difficult to ignore them since the night I barely escaped their photo pit alive… They dress well, add sax in the middle of their beach goth pop, and girls (and boys) are crazy about them.The Buttertones are a force to reckon on, and this may be largely due to the cute overload when they are all in stage… just check out their frontman. They have currently embarked for their first Europe tour which means they could be up for a big career.

Death Valley Girl: Once again, I have extensively written about them for about 2 or 3 years, and recently Iggy Pop (yes him again) noticed them and called them ‘a gift to the world’ on Twitter… so I must have good taste. Death Valley Girls are the new riot grrrls, they play with swagger, inject thunder in their guitars and their rebellious sound has brought comparisons with Led Zeppelin, Sleater Kinney and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club while transporting us in a time when the streets of Los Angeles were still haunted by the family. I never miss one of their trips.

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