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Listen To ‘Losing Ground’ By 14-Year-Old Gavin Eimerman

Losing Ground

With a mix of anger and urgency in the delivery, ‘Losing Ground’ screams teenager angst wrapped in a sort of ‘70s-inspired sonic touch and an ambitious pushing-the-sound-against-the-walls pop-rock melody. Most of the drama of this three-minute song lays in the contrast between the dark vocals – ‘I’m losing ground / In a world that’s not round anymore’ – and the rather optimistic rock opera production. However, the impressive part is certainly the age of the composer: 14-year-old Gavin Eimerman wrote the song, did the vocals, and played electric guitars and piano while his grandfather Herb Eimerman played bass and guitar and Australia-based Joe Algeri did the drums, mixed and produced the track. At a time when most 14-year-old musicians opt for bedroom production or synth-saturated hyper pop, Eimerman has a fresh take on a more classic sound with borderline paranoid lyrics – ‘It just wants to butcher me/The monster in us all.’

This promising debut was released via Egomaniac Music, the home for Joe Algeri and related musical interests, and it is already the second single recorded by Gavin Eimerman.

‘Losing Ground’ demands to be played on repeat and as loud as possible. Check it out below:

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