Lana Del Rey Rollerblades In The Desert During ‘White Dress’

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White Dress

Lana in the video for ‘White Dress’


Lana Del Rey just dropped a new album, ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club,’ but I have only listened to one song, ‘White Dress,’ and watched the accompanying video released today. Any song by the pop songstress has always been built around a strong melancholic vibe, something between real nostalgia and a made-up story, and this is no exception. Was Lana ever a waitress? It doesn’t matter but she is once again the free girl chasing a dying summer, this time, she is even rollerblading on a deserted highway in Joshua Tree, whereas she seems to sing about a distant Florida (Miami and Orlando). From her Priscilla Presley hairdo – bringing some old-school rock & roll glamor – to her white rollerblades, to the sepia postcard landscape, everything looks vintage.

A Lana Del Rey song is a mood or a vibe before anything else but ‘White Dress’ is all about Lana’s breathy whisper pushed to some extremes. It can even sound forced, and I will get it if some parts make a few people cringe. Her vocals are somewhat emotionally affected, with these high notes she is struggling to hit, but it is a nice change from all these popstars’ auto-tuned vocals that all sound the same.

She cites Sun Ra, the White stripes, and strangely Kings of Leon to place her story into music history and she also squeezes a precipitated line about a mysterious ‘Men in Music Business Conference,’ a possible metaphor for the music industry.

Once again, Lana works very hard to become this vulnerable and timeless icon, with a slowcore/sadcore production and a languid attitude. The song and video are the expected culmination of the aesthetics she has cultivated for a while, as she knows her fans very well. Meanwhile, others might find the video, the stripped-down song, and its half-developed melody a bit boring?

But this is probably the first video I see with people wearing masks.


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