Kanye West Wrote A McDonald’s-Theme Poem For Frank Ocean’s Zine

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Inside Frank Ocean’s magazine, the one which was given away with his new album at pop-up shops on Saturday, you can read a poem about a famous fast food chain written by Kanye West, and it’s too hilarious and ridiculous not to be noticed.

I have no idea why Kanye thought it would be cool to write that kind of stuff for Ocean’s zine but Kanye’s mind works in mysterious ways, and along work by some impressive artists such as Tom Sachs, Wolfgang Tillman, and ‘Nikes’ director Tyrone Lebon, you can read a kindergarten joking tale about French fries being evil and the other menu items being damn jealous. Is it an encouragement or a discouragement to follow Mc’s terrible diet? i have no idea, but he certainly name-drops all the food items on the menu, so Kanye really knows his Calabasas McDonald’s, and there is a new meme on the internet: 5th-grade-Kanye-penned-a-poem. it’s so cute and so child book material that the Verge illustrated it with cartoons.

In a recent tweet, McDonald’s seems to have answered to the rapper’s love-hate relationship for its French fries:

‘We’re loving the love for McDonald’s World Famous Fries and Apple Pies,” the company said in a tweet. “Like the beef in our burgers our love for our fans’ creativity is 100 percent real.’

Well, they should have read carefully the Shakespearian effort, aren’t the French fries totally evil? And doesn’t the McRib have artificial meat? There’s only one thing I don’t get, I haven’t set a foot inside the fast food chain for about 30 years, but I have never seen a salad bar in a McDonald’s

Here is the poem:

The McDonald’s man
Calabassas, Caifornia
Text by Kanye West
Photography by Nabil

McDonalds Man
McDonalds Man
The French fries had a plan
The French fries had a plan
The salad bar and the ketchup made a band
Cus the French fries had a plan
The French fries had a plan
McDonalds Man
I know them French fries have a plan
I know them French fries have a plan
The cheeseburger and the shakes formed a band
To overthrow the French fries plan
I always knew them French fries was evil man
Smelling all good and shit
I don’t trust no food that smells that good man
I don’t trust it
I just can’t
McDonalds Man
McDonalds Man
McDonalds Damn
Them French fries look good tho
I knew the diet coke was jealous of the fries
I knew the McNuggets was jealous of the fries
Even the McRib was jealous of the fries
I could see it through his artificial meat eyes
And he only be there some of the time
Everybody was jealous of them French fries
Except for that one special guy
That smooth apple pie.


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