Jam Today: Monday, January 29th, 2018, Reviewed

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The Grammys 2018: So, the Grammys went from being an out of touch organization who ignored the Beatles till it was too late, to a shill for Billboard who know how to read a chart when it is handed to them. Look, I am no fun of Jay-Z’s 4:44, however if you think that the reason he didn’t sweep the awards has to do with nothing except sales, you are greatly mistaken. Giving Bruno Mars a clean sweep is preposterous, it is a mediocre but effective radio charting smash which evolved into a lousy live performance. As for all that PC stuff: it is no longer a moral position, it is is a business decision. The entire show is a business decision.I missed everything except for Little Big Town’s well overwrought “Better Man” -possibly the only Taylor Swift composition I have ever actively disliked. I’ll catch up on something or the other, though why U2 got two performances and Lil Uzi Vert got none is beyond me. The biggest stories in pop music 2017 all happened in Broward County, but you wouldn’t know it from the Grammys, the Grammys are so tone deaf they shut out “Despacito,” the other big story.

Old Music: Up next, Keep On Pushing, the Impressions huge breakthrough, Frank Sinatra gives the reins to Nelson Riddle one album before their masterpiece, and a Paul McCartney greatest hits. If you read my Stub Heaven review about Gwen, it will come as no surprise that I flipped over Love Angel Music Baby all over again. And, obviously, a steady diet of the Fall.

New Music: iKon are a K-Pop NSYNC for the 10s, Migos are too much too soon but still pretty good, Mary Gauthier and H.C. McEntire are both excellent, and while the week ain’t finished yet, Ghostface Killah is an early contender for the album of the week.

Concerts: Helen Bach is coming to us from Connecticut for Tomas Doncker’s eagerly anticipated La Mama performance. Thursday is Jane Birkin at Carnegie Hall, Saturday Jools Holland at the Blue Note. The following week is Stew And The Negro Problem at Lincoln Center and a state of the art Latin pop show at Radio City.

Sports: I dread the Superbowl with all my heart, really Philly vs New England? This is what hell must be like.

Television: Will Ferrell reminds you of everything that he does right, that SNL doesn’t do well. Chris Stapleton is a straight drag. The best sketch was friends trying to discuss Aziz Ansari. There is really no language by which you can disclose it, but if bad people’s art is gonna be put on the trash heap of history, it will be a very weak gruel for future generations.




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