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Jam Today: Monday, April 16th, 2018

Streaming Beyonce: The word has come from all and sundry, Queen Bey revolutionized Coachella with a two hour set that included marching bands, Jay Z , and Destiny’s Child. It might be all true, I’ve seen Bey on stage many times and she has been always great. But who knows? If there is somewhere to stream the set I certainly haven’t found it. You would think someone, anyone, would have posted it somewhere, if Trump had this few leaks…. er, two ways to go there… Whatever, the fact remains that it can’t be found so I will have to wait for this summer’s tour. Could a marching band make that much difference???

James Comey: I’ll buy a lot of stuff but I’ll never buy Comey as an American hero. Anyway, I’m going to a q and a at the Town Hall to see if the tall, dour, mo-fo has anything to actually tell me that I don’t know.

Concerts: Sam Huber tonight, the Weepies on Friday so somewhat on the quiet side. The following week I have the Donna Summer musical coming up so that’s to the good.

Sports: This is depressing, as the NHL and the NBA gear up for the playoffs, New York is at home streaming Beyonce if they’re lucky enough to have access to it. Meanwhile, the Yanks are back at .500 after not playing all weekend and the Mets are 12 – 2. I have no idea how, color me baffled.

Syria: I get the feeling that between Putin and Trump I’m being played for a sucker. You know, where lovers pretend to hate each other in front of their partners to deflect opinion. Like Hywel Bennett and Britt Ekland in “Endless Night”.

New Music: That new Smokepurpp got lost in the mix last week but if you can get your ears off Cardi B for a minute, it’s Mumble Rap at its best. (Grade: B+).

Old Music: I am happy to report that Paul McCartney’s Chaos And Creation In The Backyard is as great as I remember… maybe greater.

Tickets: Harry Potter and I are at war as I try to sell the pictures I have speculated…


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