Isaiah Silva vs Courtney Love Court Case: An Update

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Isaiah Silva vs Courtney Love

Isaiah Silva vs Courtney Love Court Case


It has been years since we have heard about Isaiah Silva’s lawsuit versus Courtney Love. Let me refresh your memory. When they were married, Frances Bean Cobain gave Silva one of her famous father’s guitars, the 1959 Martin D-18E he used during the legendary MTV unplugged session, and when they divorced in 2016, Silva kept the guitar. This didn’t please Courtney Love, who claimed her daughter didn’t really mean to give it to him, and that the guitar was ‘not [Silva’s] to take.’

According to Silva, Love asked several people, including Sam Lutfi (Britney Spears’ ex-manager), to recover the guitar. They showed up at Silva’s home in West Hollywood, pounded on his door as if they were the LAPD, and the following scene described by Silva was so brutal that he claimed the men burglarized, robbed, assaulted, sexually battered, kidnapped him, and even attempted to murder him. In May 2018, he sued them and Courtney Love, whom he believes hired the men to do the did. This is a very brief summary of the case, considering that the legal document is a 322-page long lawsuit, but you can read almost the entire Isaiah Silva vs Courtney Love Court Case here.

Last year, the guitar has been sold for $6 million at auction, and if Silva’s name was not mentioned in any article at the time, I do think this was the same guitar. Did Silva cash the $6 M?

Many fans were hopeful that the lawsuit would bring new evidence around Kurt Cobain’s death as Silva claims in the lawsuit that Kurt Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Connor, warned him in 2015 ‘that she believed Love to be involved in the alleged suicide of her son.’ This is what this was a big deal. However, this happened about 3 years ago and no one seems to be talking about it anymore. Things have progressed very slowly, especially because of the pandemic but an update was posted yesterday, April 8th, and, unfortunately, things do not look good for the Silva camp. The document says that:

‘There is no appearance on behalf of plaintiff this date’

‘Counsel represent to the court that plaintiff has failed to comply with the 12/4/20 court order regarding email address’

‘The court orders all parties to appear at the next court date. Failure to appear may result in monetary sanctions up to $1,500 pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Section 177.5’

I have no idea why Silva didn’t show up in court or didn’t give an email address, but it seems that he is representing himself now (thus the required email address), how is he expecting to win against Courtney Love’s lawyers? Maybe he is giving up. We can speculate why he is doing that – an undisclosed settlement? A possible threat? – but it looks like Courtney Love is winning again, it looks like she, once again, will get away from a scabrous situation with an intact reputation.

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10 Responses to “Isaiah Silva vs Courtney Love Court Case: An Update”

    • Angela C. Ezell

      Courtney didn’t show up once herself. It was a Traditional Wedding gift. And Frances had Emancipated herself and eloped. The Restraining order was violated in the first place meaning anyone she is affiliated with like Lefty. The Guitar Unplugged it was ruled as exactly that. Having Lefty make recorded calls using Silva’s ex girlfriend was just having Lefty take the fall should the attempt to rather silence him because he knows too much she then breaks all ties with Lefty. First the 5 yr. Gag Order for knowing too much about the family what could possibly be a secret these days. Then because Lefty says I hope you choke on opiates he now has a Permanent Restraining Order against him which can by the way be temporarily lifted. I believe it was not over the Guitar Unplugged as that ship sailed. She wasn’t there when they got married. Now the marriage was he wasn’t protective enough. Well, if you read the PDF 322Pg. Isaiah kept finding Frances passed out on the bathroom floor. He had his own money. One gift to her was her own Library and Artifacts. Really I’ve said it before that parents need to know when to back off and not violating their Restraining Order seems she should have maybe got occupied with herself. Meet someone who’s not famous who Drives their own Escalade. It is truly is hard to let go of your children. If they miss you after a few years after all that has happened, then she’ll want to see you and you’ll know it. Now the guitar I’m sure he was advised if he doesn’t sell it when he went to Tom Grant, it would become the main topic. I believe it was to silence him. I agree. The guitar was hers to do as she chose and now she could have done a lot worse than Isaiah Silva. He was worried about her stopping breathing awake worried about her. Now the guitar is totally out of the family. I’m sure Silva’s being told things could that may have stayed in the family. Isaiah Silva the world is counting on you.

  1. Beth Ulrich

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”intaaact reputation”!???😆😅🤣🤣🤣🤪–WHO ARE YOUUU KIDDING!!!?????-BITCH BE PSYCHO.

  2. Beth Ulrich

    “Intaact reputation”!????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🙄🤨-RIIIIIIGHT

    • Pauline

      Did you even proof read this before publishing? The grammar is atrocious, your use of words is awkward and make no sense… “it’s been years since we haven’t heard about…”? What is that?!

  3. Jenny

    Wow, so much you left out of here. A judge ordered that the guitar did belong to Silva in 2019. He is the one that auctioned it off. The current court case only pertains to the alleged kidnapping attempt, and has nothing to do with the ownership of the guitar.

    Courtney Love filed a restraining order against Sam Lufti right after the lawsuit was filed against her. Looks like she’s gearing up to throw Lufti and crew under the bus.

  4. Dylan

    It is a very sad thing if none of what has happened here is followed up upon, I’m really hoping parties like Isaiahs family or someone close could convince him that it’s for an overall greater good than his own. Love comes accross/acts like a mob boss based upon the lawsuit document and it seems she will continue to do so unless stopped.

  5. Susanna

    I hope justice will be served at some point and her bouts of evil stopped for good


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