Is The Cancellation Of Ryan Adams A Personal Vengeance?

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cancellation of Ryan Adams

The cancellation of Ryan Adams


Watching Ryan Adams’s activity on social media is a hell of a rollercoaster, but not necessarily a pleasant one. If fans were wondering what happened to him after the sexual misconduct allegations in 2019 – he stayed pretty quiet for a long time – he is now really active on Instagram and this is not a good thing. However, there are a lot of chances that nobody is gonna mention it anywhere, as anything related to Ryan Adams is off-limits for the mainstream press. However, the singer-songwriter has been frenetically posting and deleting a lot of stuff for a few weeks, while treating his loyal fans with many live musical sessions on Instagram.

Once again, this demonstrates the complete hypocrisy of the media: every time Morrissey opens his mouth, the echo chamber of the internet reposts anything he says on multiple outlets. Even though Morrissey just claimed ’You can’t cancel someone who has always been canceled,’ I don’t consider him canceled at all. Not only the Moz gets publicity each time – today he posted an interview on his website – but he is also headlining Goldenvoice’s ‘Cruel World’ festival for two days next year. It’s big business, the first day sold out very quickly and Goldenvoice is not gonna change its mind because Morrissey called the COVID crisis ‘Con-vid’ and just compared (with his nephew, the interviewer) the current restrictions to slavery. Pretty offensive right? This is obviously not the first time Morrissey opens his mouth to say something many people will find offensive, so, in a way, he is right: he is beyond cancellation… but he is not canceled.

You really cannot say the same of Ryan Adams who laments on social media that nobody will book him when responding to a fan who was asking him to do a tour. Offensive comments and abusive behavior are no equivalent you may say, but anyone using slavery in a derogative way has to be at least as reprehensible as refusing to help Mandy Moore’s music career

Adams is also saying that he was broke and has posted the cover of several of his albums with the comment ‘For $ale’, ‘For $ale.’ Is he really serious? Is he broke to the point of selling his catalog? He is also mourning the death of his cat Theo and has made a few fans worried after posting comments such as ‘I have no record deal, I’m kinda broke. I have no friends’… ‘If anybody can help me… please’ …‘I’ve had enough’… ‘I miss Theo.’

Adams has always been an insufferable drama queen, but his recent posts are another level of drama and his Instagram account has been quite a sad scene with drunken sessions ending with him sleeping on the floor. There have been several desperate attempts to communicate with his fans, who have been very supportive and loving by the way. But the constant drama happening on Instagram is definitively not a good sign. Ryan Adams is in the middle of a crisis, and this time, this is not a joke.

I don’t understand why Ryan Adams must pay such a high price for being a shitty husband and a bad boyfriend. I could name tons of people like him, and I would not have to go too far. His bad behavior is basically his only crime as the FBI investigation was closed in fall 2019, without charging him with a crime. However, the Phoebe Bridgers mob (among many) has been quite aggressive on Twitter for a long while: ‘Yesterday, I found out that Phoebe Bridgers dated Ryan Adams before he and Mandy Moore officially divorced, and that is so disgusting. I hope he d*es.’ This tweet could be a good summary of the insanity. Really? A death wish? And there are millions of them on social media

Twitter is full of angry mobs, more vicious than the next one and people attack Morrissey on social media all the time. But he is still headlining Cruel World in 2022. Nothing can explain the complete cancellation of Ryan Adams unless this was a personal vengeance? A few days ago, Ryan Adams posted this sentence on his profile: ‘I can turn you into nothing faster than you can write one of your shit songs nobody cares about’ Anonymous.

He removed it pretty quickly and didn’t reveal the name of the person who said this, but this surely didn’t sound like some vague comment left by someone on Twitter or Instagram. This sounded like a threat, a very personal vendetta, and it looks like this person had the power to execute the threat, as they were very successful.

Once again, Adams’s behavior is not something to be condoned, but his name is now associated with women abusers such as Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby, and this is ridiculous, he is not a rapist. If this sentence (I can turn you into nothing faster than you can write one of your shit songs nobody cares about) is real, it looks like someone wanted to kill his career and they succeeded.

Right now, fans are worrying for good reasons, and Ryan Adams will need a miracle to put his career back on track.

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One Response to “Is The Cancellation Of Ryan Adams A Personal Vengeance?”

  1. James Mendozza

    Agreed. People have no sense of measure any more. Things get either dismissed or even applauded or they become capital sin or the devil’s work. There is no perspective, nor a will to really see the whole picture.
    If there is no sentence, if there is no prosecution, if there is no trial… where is the crime? There isn’t. Just smoke.

    If people like things (or are “made” to like things), then they forgive or ignore or even clap to the bit, but if they are made to dislike, then the mayhem starts. The majority of people (in soci-anonymous-media) don’t analyze, don’t think for themselves and def. don’t contrast information and sources. There could be an agenda, and it certainly looks like it, if one follows the bread-crumbs and the money.


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