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Going Steady: New Song Reviews 7-1-16 – 7-7-16


Shut Up And Kiss Me – Angel Olsen – I hated her last single, but this is the one. A sugar coated suicide pill with a scrappy punky guitar singer songwriter vibe and a pure pleasure pace changing syrup on steak vibe, A real goodie – B+

Medicine – Biffy Clyro – This intensely average band has one secret, Simon Neil’s lilting Scottish accent which seems to make the ordinary sound, well, better than it is. This acoustic strummer ballad with a symphonic break sounds like it has something to add to the conversation even though you know it hasn’t – C

If I Told You – Darius Rucker – Darius can sing country and when he buys the right song he can sell it and how, this reverberates too loudly, it is too received, to do much. There is no song there on a track that exists solely for the song itself – C-

Body Say – Demi Lovato – Song by commitee, bad song by committee. I saw some of that live on Tidal gig last week, it was like this come to, and I don’t use the word wisely, life – C-

M.I.L.F.’s – Fergie – The best beat money can buy, this is a manufactured trifle but if you can get past that, the beats are self-propelling and Fergie rides em for all their worth, it is House as party and better than I thought it would be – B+

Drinking About You – Haley And Michaels – A terrific little idea, but the song is too loud and bluesy, they should have added swing to the country track, instead they oversold it – C

Sledgehammer – Rihanna – From “Star Trek Beyond” soundtrack, it is a heavy ballad shamed into irrelevance by Adele’s 007 song from a coupla years ago, it is all dramatic overkill. Having said that, Rihanna sounds more powerful than usual, though the touch of autotune wasn’t necessary – C+

Fake My Own Death – Sum 41 – Life after alcoholism, this is a straightforward punk rocker with a smashing guitar lick crucified by a terrible break – C


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