Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 7-15-16 – 7-21-16

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Make Me… Britney Spears feat G Easy – The worst rapper on earth meets a woman who hasn’t hit us up since 2007, when she actually had something, anything, to say. Like so much material these days, EDM MOR is so past it, what was a thrill in 2007 is simply bad pop in 2016. HOWEVER, kudos for Britney’s vocal autotune falsetto hi jinx – C+

May We All – Florida Georgia Line, Tim McGraw – The poster child for worst country duo of all time, here are both unctuous and self-serving, a sort of code let’s make America, America again aka as put those darkies back in chains. Which, musically, doesn’t matter to me one way or another, unless the music is this bad – D

No Shopping – French Montana, Drake – “all about the moolah”? Obviously, and Montana is like the Sim simulated rapper, with the fillip of being born in ALgeria and that feud with Jim James. This ain’t bad, Drake sounds completely unDrake like.A new mixtape is on its way – B-

Guwop Home – Gucci Mane, Young Thug – 3 – This is his fourth release since being released from prison, and the worst, from the man who gave us, two weeks ago, “Fuck da feds, fuck da DA, fuck da police”, this is more business as usual… that quasi-classical piano sample is kinda fun but – B

Rock Bottom – Hailee Steinfeld, DNCE – The hot JOnas headed dance band meets the onanstic Ms. Steinfeld, for a piece of manufactured tripe.

Rise – Katy Perry – A Max Martin concoction which finds Katy losing any semblance of character on what is sure to be a smash when they wide release it. A sub-Adele, big bang boom when night falls over done, atmospheric piece of complete rubbish – D+

Something Wild – Lindsey Stirling, Andrew McMahon – Lindsey is the irritating classical musician gone pop, Andrew is the form Jack’s Mannequin and also extremely irritating, the song is a violin ridden piece of pop pap and the movie it heralds “Pete’s Dragon” is the remake of a Disney piece of crappola that sucked the first time round and will undoubtedly suck the second time round – C

Cruel – SNakehips, Zayn – Always got time for Zayn’s singing (though he better recover from that stage fright fast), this minor House track is harmless enough – C+

Take Me Down – The Pretty Reckless – Typical lousy rock garage from these guys who have never quite gotten it – C

Superlove – Tinashe – Nothing much, EDM pop, with a catchy than is the norm hook – B-


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