Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 6-17-16 – 6-23-16

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Hallelujah – Alicia Keys – You’ve got to hand it to the pompous half wit, she is fearless in name of songs giving, using the Cohen classic name for this irritating blues ballad – D

Good Grief – Bastille – Dan Smith, the immensely irritating leader of this synth pop electronic drag band, replaces “Pompeii” with a song almost as bad – C-

Better Love – Hozier – I couldn’t take that “Take Me To Church” smash hit and this is more of the same. If he emoted anymore his tongue would fall off – C-

No English – Juicy J, Travis Scott – Nothing much electronic Reggae groove hip hop track, Scott’s rap isn’t very exactly wonderful though pop enough. Remember when these two guys were the next biog thing? They do – C

Parachute – Kaiser Chiefs – One of those UK rock poppers where you wait to see if they can sell you by the chorus, and they can’t – C-

I’m Amazing – Peter Gabriel – Oddly mixed, vibrating techno song with a smart groove and a catchy chorus which heads south for the bridge – B

I Got You – Shaggy, Jovi Rockwell – Shaggy covers James Brown, sort of, maybe an intimate sample channel, mixing up Brown on the chorus and the top, while reggaeton verses bundled you up – B+

Summer Nights – John Tiesto, John Legend – Bad, bad, bad EDM MOR pop, the death of a format – D+

Heathens – Twenty One Pilots – Interesting move, releasing a new song instead of a track off their smash hit Blurryface. Catchy one as well, this should work as a follow up, even though it shouldn’t work if you’re over 21 – B-

1 Of 1 – Tyga – This isn’t the gangsta nastiness Tyga trademarked, it is a pop move R&B – B-

Hendrix – Wycliffe Jeans – The Twisterish mid-rap is fun but the rest of it is soporific and yet, the lyric position (the “I was listening to Hendrix in the basement” is quite clever – B


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