Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 5-4-17

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Oo La La – Beth Ditto – She hasn’t quite fashioned the fueled passion of “Fire” on the follow up, but it is two cuts above borderline disco anonymity – B

Think About me – dvsn – Never my favorite Drake apostle, this is a slow sleepy modern pop tune with nary a hook to call its own – C

Hunter – Galantis – It’s like Tiesto produced by the Wiggles – C+

Three Rings – Grizzly Bear – Remember when Brooklyn was the epicenter of the Universe? Don’t even go back that far, give their excellent 2012 Shields a listen. Sounded great back there, here it is the same wall of sound indie melodic drone only dated – B-

Want You Back – HAIM – One of the more annoying popilar band wanna go pop but not sure how to do so while maintaining their garage rocker roots, so they compromise on this enfeebled hooky dance rocker – C

Eyes Closed – Halsey – Sounds like a Lana wanna be here – C+

Sweet Creature – Harry styles – I wonder if he wrote the acoustic guitar lick that muddles it along? I doubt it somehow – C+

American Dream – LCD Soundsystem – A draggy synth pop like Bowie in the middle of a boring dream and he can’t wake out of it – C

Call The Police – LCD Soundsystem – Business as usual dance pop with deep eel in its pores, but that bridge … – B-

Bring It Back – Lil Yachty – Also business as usual but this is the cutting edge of trap echoed out plus hookarama, plus very smart rhythm track, plus an autotuned reverb-y vocal – SINGLE OF THE WEEK –  B+

Luh Ya – Marsha Ambrosius – She has perfected her move into mainstram r&b with this minor league winner – B

Movin On – Marshmello – “Alone” was a big grumble EDM hit but he has yet to fully follow it, and this is another disappointedly easygoing attempt – C+

Amsterstam – Nothing But Thieves – readying my ears for another buncha Paul Weller wannabes, this starts off as a clever dance stomper but doesn’t sustain it – B-

Slow Hands – Nail Horan – So now we know, Zayn is the genius, Harry the heartthrob and the others will have to reform as 2 Direction. This is a below average pop dance track – C

None Of The Above – Papa Roach – Blah business as usual brood rocker like Limp Biscuit or something – C

Told You So More – Paramore – If Hayley has any killer tracks out there, now might be a good time to share em – C

Ghost Of A Dance – Rancid – Ah yes, punk rock. fast loud, but wait, what is that that’s missing? the tune is none existent – B-

Blood Under The Belt – The Drums – back in the day being gay pop seemed like fun, transgressive, a young man’s game of russian roulette with penises and glitter.. now it’s Sufjan Stevens and/or the Drums talented, boring fellows – B-

Heart Basel – The Drums – Shouldn’t picking up boys at an art exhibit in Miami be plenty more fun than this – C+




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