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Going Steady: New Singles reviewed 5-19-17 – 5-25-19

Nobody Knows – Amber Coffman – As so happens when love has gone, and so have the lovers, that remains is a band past its prime in the Dirty Projectors and a singer who needed her partner to signify as is apparent on this bland singer songwriter song. Still, are beats behind the song no singer songwriter could have constructed – C+

Social Jetlag – Beach Fossils – There was a time when if you used beach in the name of your band it signified girls and fun in the sun, today it signifies getting high as the sun set and drifting into oblivion – C

Chariot – Beach House – If you want further proof of the new Beach axiom there is this sweet and sleepy indie buzz – B-

The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody) – Bebe Rexha, Lil Wayne – I wonder how much the Whitney sample cost? – C+

Hug Of Thunder – Broken Social Scene – I never ever liked this band, not close. It has been seven years between albums and good riddance. And Feist is too professionally weird for me as well. But the glory of singles is that what might drive you crazy over an album is a terrific earful on a single. “Hug Of Thunder” is a wonderful noise, for nearly five minutes of world class wraparound rock wallpaper sound and a haunting vocal – B+

Crying In The Club – Camila Cabello – Sure, she was terrific on that Machine Gun Kelly single, but this is EDM pop by the numbers and dreadfully old fashioned – C

How to Boil An Egg – Courtney Barnett – Here we go again, her sing song vocals gets on my tits so much that even a decent song like this one irritate me – B-

Heart – Eddie Thomeick – German house without the arching ambitions of a Boyz Noize but with the skills to master the idiom with ease – B

The Jacket – Henry Jamison – he is a descendant of 14th century poet John Gower, but that doesn’t excuse the lame jacket metaphor – C+

Every Kind Of Way – H.E.R. –  She refuses to show her face or give her name and if this intensely indifferent r&b is an example of her skills that shouldn’t prove to be a problem – C+

Wonder – Hillsong United – Apparently they are walking in the light so let’s just pray Jesus aims a beam and smites them dead – D

Switch – Iggy Azalea, Anita – We all know what that racial appropriation boils down to: Iggy is fucking all your black boyfriends and you’re pissed. On the other hand, this ain’t enough to draw anyone’s ire – C

If We Were Vampires – Jason Isbell – Sweet country folk love track to his wife, with a built in obsolescence – B+

Teenage Crime – Jay Pryor – Steve Aoki buddy has constructed an extremely beatific two beat run off with a gorgeous vocal hook – B+

Hate me – Jillian Jacqueline – new country singer, but those drums sure aren’t country – C+

Swish Swish – Katy Perry – at first I dismissed this, because, really, basketball sounds are so 2016, but after watching her perform it on SNL (with Migos but not Nicki) the hook feels very powerful and I can imagine this making it way up the charts as state of the art modern pop. Not crazy about Nicki’s verse – B

Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind – Lana Del Rey – Lana by the numbers and for sure no “High By The Beach,” but it taps into her melancholic vibe mood music very nicely, thanks – B

Strip That Down – Liam Payne, Quavo – Sweet enough 1D DNA from a 1Der, Quavo adds a verse and picks up a check – B-

X Men – Lil Yachty. Evander Griim – This may be Lil Yachty’s best rap to date, well spit, glacial tap and snare beat, Texan rapper Griim handles the hook – B+

The Only Heirs – Local Natives – I like the drums but that’s about it – C+

I Like Me Better – Lauv – The songwriter has his moments, and this is r&b pop in the moment – C+

One Number Away – Luke Combs – The song  has an interesting construction,  -the move to blue notes after the chorus but not that interesting – C+

Desire – Lydia Loveless – This is as disinterested as the country gal ever gets, by the numbers country blues – C

Sorry – Lydia Loveless – When her melodies let her down she doesn’t have the hooks to pull her through, and that’s a problem. Here the production, an echoey guitar wall that thrums in the background, does the trick for her  – B

My Life – Mali Music – Contemporary urban is the genre, an interesting and strong statement but a little non descript for all his efforts.

Light Us Up (featuring Calum Scott) – Matrix and Futurebound – drum and bass via the UK with all sheen and little depth – C+

Automatic – Mondo Cozmo – Springsteen-y indie rock with a great big chorus – C+

Dig Down – Muse – These guys peaked maybe five years ago and this is a piece of regurgitated U2 rock… – C

The Cross Has The Final Word – Newsboys – What confuses me about Christian Contemporary is that, as Messiahs go, Christ was a bit on the unassuming side. So why do they think he wants to hear brow beating, bombastic, hard rock? – D+

Unconditional – Nick Mulvey – Bland out singer songwriter with a weak track to push and the horns to push it – C

My Friends -Oh Wonder – Lo fi and pretty building to a sweeping coda by the London duo – B-

No Vacancy – OneRepublic, Sebastian Yatra) – Latin popster meets lousy dance rock band and all are punished – C-

Ti Amo – Phoenix – One hit wonders extend their lifespan despite crappy songs like this – C-

I Still Wanna Know – RAC, Rivers Cuomo – aka the Remix Artist Collective, three somewhat studied but professional remix artist with an impressive pedigree but it is hard to believe on this ordinary pop-rock plus thumb track… Rivers doesn’t help – C

Telegraph Avenue – Rancid – Still sound an awful lot like the Clash, here with a dash of Pogues – B+

House On Fire – Rise Against – same ol’ agitprop – C

The Last Refugee – Roger Waters – After 22 years, here is ol’ Roger starting another song with a BBC radio sign off, and that’s the best part of this dreary, low key crappolo. David must be laughing himself sick – C

Hook, Line and Sinker – Royal Blood – UK rock duo, this is relatively good, the hook has teeth and so does the riff – B-

Commas – Ryan Hemsworth, Adamn Killa – Canadian DJ, this is a nursery rhyme about money – B

Unravel Me – Sabrina Claudio – She’s hot and  her song gets interesting towards the, ahem, climax. Getting there is a bore – C+

Bad Liar – Selena Gomez – This is Selena’s masterpiece -I don’t see how she can ever replicate it. Written by Gomez and the top duo Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, this is her best song since “Love You Like a Love Song”. Actually it’s better, adding the Tina Weymouth bassline to a Ani DiFranco inspired verse and a hook of a chorus, the song is so great it exemplifies everything to love about this top pop moment – SONG OF THE WEEK – A

Be Yourself – Seth Alley – Blue eyed rap – C

Take A Step Back – Ski Mask The Slump God, Xxxtentacion – horrorcore meets rap

Audi – Smokepurpp – alt-y rap ala Ski Mask without the screaming – B-

Lucy In The Sky With Diamond (Remix) – The Beatles – Never my fave Lennon track, this is one of Lennon’s two songs on side one and they both sound as if he should have given up the acid for scotch and coke and amphetamines. Don’t worry, John would end up saving the entire enterprise with two of the last three songs on side two . Remix? Not as such – B

Love Is A Bitch – Two Feet – wearying blues drag – C

Big Fish – Vince Staples – It has been two years since Summertime ’06, and Staples has had his moments, but not THE MOMENT of a “Norf Norf” -this is about as ordinary as he gets – B

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