Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 3-25-16 – 3-31-16

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Single Of The Week: 3-25-16 – 3-31-16


Let It Bang – A$AP Ferg, Schoolboy Q – This is the second great song off the upcoming and very eagerly anticipated potential rap album of the year from Ferg. It does exactly what it says it will and Schoolboy Q is back and excellent on his verses. A great song – B+

The Life – Fifth Harmony – Well, there is five of em, but harmonies? Autotuned to death – C-

Handclap – Fitz And The Tantrums – I know I complained about the production on their earliest work, but this is EDM 101, and I never complained about the songs. This is a real drag – C

Noise – Kenny Chesney – A good song ruined by an obvious lyric, cultural commentary isn’t where his strength lies, catchy choruses are where he’s at when he is on – B

Watch Me Do – Meghan Trainor – The “Twist And Shout” reference is really very clever but the video is creepy. Meghan Trainor is a naturally born middleweight, who had her biggest hit weighing in around 160 pounds, so why on earth is she starving herself to death? Meghan, fire your handlers right now, we have enough generic anorexic pop star models, it doesn’t suit you and it isn’t helping your career… You have a natural flair for humor and high spirits, you could be EDM’s Sophie Tucker, why would you want to be Katy Perry? – C+

Close – Nick Jonas, Tove Lo – Very blah pop track, though I can hear why people like Tove Lo – C

In Bloom – Sturgill Simpson – This is a terrific version, it does for Kurt what Kurt did for Bowie. A gorgeous rethinking, that might actually git the original – A

Real Maths/Too Much – The Gotobeds – Their debut song from Sub Pop is very strong, but it feels like it is too big a jump from “Ny’s Alright”… there is a missing link somewhere. As though the Strokes had gone from “New York Cops Are Dumb” to “You Only Live Once”. The song is crafty in ways we aren’t used to, it switches tempo and changes direction, slowing, speeding up, and nailing it with the shout and response coda. I can’t wait for the album – B+

Cleopatra – The Lumineers – As an official the Lumineers hatred, I still have to admit this taster from their finally follow up to the breakthrough is clearly what you think it: a sweet folk story song – B


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