Going Steady: New Singles Reviewed 3-17-17 – 3-23-17

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Who’s Sorry Now – Angel Olsen – Yes, that one. Performed straight up with an echo and a twang. No reason for it I can discern but still, a lovely and earnest take – B

Heaven South – Brad Paisley – Having given up on making nice with the black man, here Brad returns to the 1950s but the 1950s are much less appealing when the world around you is a nightmare version of 1953. All that’s waiting is a return to Korea… The song? Nothing much – C+

Can’t Bring This Down – Bridgit Mendler, Pell – Disney TV sitcom star grows up hot AGAIN. Shame about the song – C+

Symphony – Clean Bandit, Zara Larsson – Always a little different but never different enough to not break pop, this is a business as usual pretty little ballad. Huge in the UK, but the kick in isn’t kicky enough for here – B-

Distant Solar Systems – Julien baker – She is a major songwriter though not a major song maker, this is beautifully lo fi and enervating – B

Dennis Rodman – mansionz, Dennis Rodham – It’s like listening to a chipmunk rap, he makes Mac Miller sound like Chuck D – C-

Pleasure – Feist – Nice bass picking but the song is a snooze – C+

Chanel – Frank Ocean – Ocean is at that place in his career where everything he does is pretty awesome. He is like Chance without the religion. This is a strange and catchy track with a full throng doubled up vocal – A-

Good Life – G-Eazy And Kehlani – Sounds like Dennis Rodman covering old school Kanye – C

Bartender – James Blunt – If Blunt had a better voice this would be second tier Sheeran – B-

Battle Symphony – Linkin Park – I always mix up Nickleback and Linkin Park. The Backsters are worse but LP have delusions of grandeur – C-

At My Best (feat Hailee Steinfeld) – Machine Gun Kelly – Yeah, lightning doesn’t strike twice, this is a dog and they should have lead with Hailee – C-

Come Up – Mike Will Make-It, Big Sean – You can always tell when a producer is taking his big shot at solo stardom: he overproduces the sample – B-

Giants – Take That – It’s not that Take That are trying to be relevant, it is that nature hates a vacuum and One direction left one – C

Flame – Tinashe – wasn’t she meant to bring through last year? Whatever, this is a catchy dance track – B

Feels Like Summer -Weezer – Ok, just stop it. Every song is worse that the one before it. You want some advise? Just play the Blue album and PInkerton and shut up. It is hard to believe they ever recorded them…  – D+

That’s How I Feel – Young Dolph, Gucci Mane – Nice trap track -it barks its way to your heart – B+




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