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Going Steady: New Singles 7-9-21 – 7-15-21 Reviewed


Section (feat. Kehlani) – Ant Clemons – as singers go, the Kanye West find is a good one, a better singer than rapper, the slow burner finds him with Poplyfe alumni Kehlani on a dark and dreamy song – B+

WHOLE LOTTA MONEY (feat. Nicki Minaj) – Remix – BIA – the “Sister Of Raphood” rapper includes a verse by the former greatest rapper of all time- B

NDA – Billie Eilish – between stalkers and non disclosure pacts, Billie at eighteen finds fame nothing if not a pain in this typical Finneas production – B

Flirted With You All My Life – Bright Eyes – pretty good Vic Chesnutt cover where death becomes his lover – B

Permission to Dance – BTS – Ed Sheeran co-composed  what should be a smash with some of “Love Yourself” in the DNA before it anthems out on the bridge – B

Swipe Right!! – dani bby, WILLOW – a very strong pop ballad about a mistaken relationship and Willow adds her voice in a lesbian love song – B+

Torn Again – Daniel Lanois, Leonard Cohen – Cohen reads one of his poems and Daniel adds some meh background vibes – C+

Clash (feat. Stormzy) – Dave – two grime giants in a brutal little song that slaughters – B

Rae Street – Courtney Barnett – that Courtney voice is a nasal sing songy that doesn’t make it, though this is pretty good indie folk rock with an amazing middle – B+

Polaris – Damon Albarn – sure it sucks, but he has sucked a lot harder than this alt folk singer songwriter stuff – they all sound like “Bad Head” to me  – B-

The Gnashing – Deafheaven – the difference between this and the bands typical post-metal sound is that lead singer George Clarke is not screaming, he claimed he had to learn how to sing again to record it, and it was well worth the effort – A-

Bad Habits – Acoustic Version – Ed Sheeran – the thing about pop is it needs to be popular, and Ed is popular -the acoustic version is better as well – B-

Cosmic Empire – Day 2 Demo / Take 1 – George Harrison – nothing special unreleased demo of an imminently forgettable song, still there is a certain pleasure in hearing George with just his guitar – B-

Know You Will – Hillsong UNITED – with all  the controversy swirling round the Aussie hypocrites you’d think they’d shut up – MUST TO AVOID – D+

Tuned In – Jah Wobble – Wobble is the man who never was what he deserved to be, while this borderline ambient mood music isn’t great, the bass part is – C+

Memory – Kane Brown, blackbear – Kane can’t move further away from country than on this modern day sounding, electronic pop song – B

And When I Die – Laura Nyro – the original take on the song Blood, Sweat And Tears covered, BS&T jammed blues it, Laura is more Gospel – B+

Jamaica Say You Will – Los Lobos – native sons with another song to Los Angeles on Jackson Browne’s saturated summer romance  – B+

Goodbye – LP – St. Vincent should draw up a chair and take notes, a gorgeous rock popper and LP kills the coda. The first time I saw LP she was opening for Bryan Ferry and she held her own, this is better. LP may well be our most underrated songwriter   – SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A-

Nothing Else Matters – Miley Cyrus, Chad Smith, Elton John, Robert Trujillo, WATT, Yo-Yo Ma – an impressive who’s who, they even get a member of the actual band on board, but it doesn’t help much -especially since Metallica just released an orchestrated cover with SRO and… Miley sounds like she has a cold yet again – B-

Volando – Remix – Mora, Bad Bunny, Sech – Mora is a PR reggaeton star, Sech is more a producer, and Bad Bunny is a top songwriter and performer, thy come together for a strong remix of a Mora track – B+

Be and Bring Me Home – Neko Case – Americana not psychedelic Rory Erickson cover – B-

Motley Crew – Post Malone – Posty returns to rap after 2020 covering classic (and not so classic) rock, but the song isn’t very good and really,   Motley Crue?  – C

One Last Try (feat. Maisie Peters) – ReN – Japanese popster, not bad, Maisie sounds good and it is better than K-pop – B

Wannabe – Demo – Spice Girls – adds nothing at all but it is still a great song – A

Sad But True – St. Vincent – more from Metallica’s black album, pretty good classic rocker – B

Stay (with Justin Bieber) – The Kid LAROI – The Kid LAROI has already broken pop but this is other level with not just Justin adding his voice on the singer songwriter crossover, but also Charlie Puth who gets a co-write and co-produce credit –  B

Love One Another -Tito Jackson, Bobby Rush. Marlon Jackson, Stevie Wonder – Stevie’s harp is a joy, but the song is just a groove – C+

Happy Birthday America – Toby Keith – country patriotism where Toby finds fault on all sides, FYI that’s a real good tune – B

could cry just thinkin about you -Troye Sivan – why is Troy going to sadboy? This is a sweet, heartbreaker – B+

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