Going Steady: New Singles 4-8-16 – 4-14-16

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Friends – Blake Shelton – I’ve heard a few songs about friends (Elton John’s for one) and this twangy piece of shit is the worse. Come home Randy Newman, all is forgiven. Fakest violins ever – D+

Melancholy Mood – Bob Dylan – You probably know the Frank Sinatra version from back in Frank’s Harry James era,. Dylan sounds so good here, the song (actually many of the songs) are a touch obvious, but he misses none of it. I wonder why he has been singing with a frog in his throat all these years – B+

Flatliner – Cole Swindell, Dierks Bentley – So loud so obvious, so bad. Country is having a bad time of it – C-

Castle: The Huntsman Winter’s War Version – Halsey – wasn’t she being hyped as a next big thing? – C

Ain’t Your Mama – Jennifer Lopez – Over textualized song by committee – C-

Lake By The Ocean – Maxwell – I guess he got by his experimental period, it took long enough. Now he is just plain bad 80s soul  – C

Champagne Problems – Nick Jonas – Anonymous dance pop, the video better be spectacular – C-

Messin’ Around – Pitbull – As in REO Speedwagon sample – Wow, this fucking sucks – D+

Groovy Tony – Schoolboy Q – Great rap, but not much more. Do you want much more? – B

Boyfriend – Tegan And Sara – Terrific lesbian love song, “You treat me like your boyfriend and trust me like your very best friend…” Hot stuff – B+

Boys & Girls – Will I Am, Pell Mell – Nice bass hook, cute pan sexual lyric – B-



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