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Going Steady: New Singles 4-23-21 – 4-29-21 Reviewed


Nirvana – Azealia Banks – There was a time that Azealia was the potential best rapper.It passed between her off the rails mental problems and then an abrupt change where she seemed like a missing link between ambience and neo-rap. Here she raps in English and Spanish -something I am not aware of her doing since 2015 – B

Bad Dream – Azure Ray –  Man, I love Maria Taylor and here with her Azure Ray partner Orenda Fink, the duo are singing in glorious and quietly distilled harmony on a melodic triumph – A-

Camera Obscura – Belvedere – impressive punk rave up with a splash of prog in the breaks, via Alberta, Canada – B

Not Yet – Brett Young –  pretty good opening for Luke’s big MSG gig in 2017 (here), and about as quite alright with a country rocker – B

He Said She Said – Chvrshes –  the synth popsters with a woman singer who responded angrily to online sexist assholes, and continues to be a rabid chipmunk on a dreadful pop goth – C-

Let’s Go Home Together – Ella Henderson, Tom Grennan – Ella is a pop collaborator by trade and here she joins Grennan from the deluxe version of his current album – C

Hey Annabelle! – FightMilk – UK pop tunefulness, on a catchy broken up song for lesbians everywhere – B

Unruly – Fivio Five – nyc drill at its coldest, I don’t see why Fivio isn’t heir apparent to Pop Smoke – B+

You Know – Funkmaster Flex, CJ –  here is a new one, Yamaica beats – B

Hellboy – Greyson Chance – country guy has a split personality and Hellboy is the one that used to stomp onstage, so welcome back on a not special but not lousy country pop rocker – C+

Cry About It Later – Katy Perry, Bruno Martini, Luísa Sonza – straightforward house track just like mommy made – B-

Falsos – Kele, Etervidos, Giova kartoon – reggaeton old school wise with a strong string background, and raps – B

Extravaganza – Kool Keith – heavy duty beats on a dance hop mix of alty rap – B

Come Through – H.E.R., Chris Brown – I can’t hear this one quite, a little too slow and moody though H.E.R. is in fine voice, Chris duets well but the song is a little too sulty for me – B

Gold City – Iceage – well what else would you call an indie rock band from Denmark? A strong little rocker with a riff to carry it – B

MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA – Illuminati hotties – post-punk meets power pop with a killer hook – B+

Flight Of The Crows – Jhariah – the musician-illustrator from the Bronx at the top of his game with this operatic and glam hoo haw that will blow you out of your chair, imagine Queen meets fun. – B+

September Song, pt. ii – Lightning Bug – no not that september song, the lovely named woman does self-made prettiness for the starting and passing of another season – B+

G.I. Joe – Lil Yachty – I thought Lil Yachty was the soundcloud guy to beat but he couldn’t quite follow through, not on this good not great track of beats and semi-flow – B

Introvert – Lil Simz – The Uk rapper has flow like none other, a tense, stretch rat-a-tat- that flows out of a very strong chorus – B+

Cake – Lydia Ainsworth – neo-folk electronica plus guitars, pretty and yet dreary nd yet explosive, via Canada – B

White Lightning – Nisayimu – not unpleasant mood electronic grooves though it doesn’t get to the point in time – C+

I WANNA DIE BUT I CAN’T (CUZ I GOTTA KEEP LIVING) – PRONOUN – jingle jangle guitars on Pronoun’s follow up to her 2019 debut, is a lovely and ringing power pop beaut – B

Verrazzano Villains – Q Unique, Eclipse Q, Cappadonna, Taking Back Sunday – how rap meets emo but only as a backing sound and addictive chorus, Cappadonna raps just great, and the meeting is timeless 90s rap plus – B+

Richard Mille Patek – Rich The Kid – in which Rich The Kid -a born to write hooks guy, wears watches on both wrist! Just signed to BMG, this one should break pop – B

Do Not Disturb – Ryan Adam – not much from a guy who needs to be doing a whole lot as his career goes belly-up, we don’t need a bummer depresser… it seems to me that what will save Ryan is touring and I don’t think this one will at all – B-

All She Wrote – SIX60 – New Zealand rockers who just completed a tour through the country with two sold out 50K gigs to (mostly) female fans, though this ordinary rocker doesn’t explain how – C+

when was it over? (feat. Sam Hunt) – Sasha Sloan – Sasha knows her pop moods and sam sounds in remarkable voice on this pop, break up ballad – B

No Regrets – Smoke DZA, Dom Kennedy – great horns sample as the two OGs rap with absolute assurance, kudos to Harry Houdini for the horns – B+

To Never Forget The Source – Sons Of Kemet – a lovely instrumental with a dream of smooth jazz changed all coming from the… tuba? – B

I’m Looking Up – Sophia Kennedy – this isn’t hyperpop, yet it is strange and wildly arranged electronic would be pop of great strength with a strange hook and a thrilling stream of sound towards the end – B+

Mr. Haze – Texas – they might not crack the US on this old fashioned rock and pop knock out, but it should – B+

SuperBloom – The Bronx – no nonsense, screamoholic winner – B+

The Darkness That You Feel – The Chemical Brothers – as old school as electroinica dance can get on a smart, melodic, dance pop track of beats and more beats – B+

Inferno – The Felice Brothers – Americana 2021, acoustic guitar and haunted vocals – B-

Save Your Tears – The Weeknd, Ariana Grande – always a strong song off the last set, old fashioned, synth layered pop but also dream electronica, and Ariana is glorious on her verse and only improves it all – A-

Your Fandango – Todd Rundgren, Sparks – this works entirely, the hook is world class, Sparks are completely sparks and Todd has in Kimono sounding asian yet pop sound, with three voices and whistles and toots -a very strong return for a man I was tired of – SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A-

Nine Tails – Trade Winds – Americana, electronica, mood track – C+

Love Should Come With A Warning – Van Morrison mood jazz ala Van at his poppiest – B+

Little White Lighters – Walter Etc – not bad indie rocker – B-

I Need some Of That – Weezer – an 80s style rock popper which sounds an aful like “Felix Navidad” for some reason best known to Rivers – C

Bompton To Oak Park – YG, Mozzy – California rappers repping their hood with one love – B

Territorial – YoungBoy Never Broke Again – we haven’t heard from him in 2021, so while the rapping is strong the singing doesn’t quite click, after months of silence we expected more – B-

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