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Going Steady: New Singles 11-26-21 – 12-2-21

Can’t Complain (feat. Reaper) – 42 Dugg – following up an album earlier this year the man is still all backstory: 42 Dugg was incarcerated at the age of fifteen for six years and started writing in solitary confinement, making the Detroit native a poster boy for teenage warehousing. But he is a good rapper and he has stories to tell, including this one – B+

Save The City – From “Hawkeye” – Adam Pascal – MCU really have their moments and while “Hawkeye” isn’t “WandaVision,” it is a wonderful seasonal smash, in New York City, in the snow, at Christmas time and on Broadway where Hawkeye takes his kids to see “Rogers: The Musical” -an awful Spidey Turn On The Dark take on Captain America with a highly satiric, first act closer, “Save The City” lead by the Rent guy Adam Pascal – B+

Animalz – Big Boi, Sleepy Brown – Sleepy Brown is a good and soulful singer and Antwan is on top of his disco funk moods – B+

Traps – Bloc Party – Brit indie dance rock – B

My Everything (Part II) (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie) – B Lovee – the Brooklyn drill guy via the Bronx adds on A Boogie and a gorgeous backing singer for a cross pollinated and original sound – B+

God Must Hate Me – Catie Turner – sadgirl Catie with a pretty ace singer songwriter heartacher from the American Idol alumni – B

Tony Montana Flow – Chief Keef – the terrific Chief Keef gloms onto Scarface with a really good flow – B+

Nothing’s Impossible (feat. Chance The Rapper) – Dionne Warwick – a terrible quasi rethink of “Empire State Of Mind” on the chorus that morphs into sub-Bacharach-David and Chance performs a pretty dreadful rap – NUST TO AVOID – D+

You’re Not Harry Styles – Dylan – sadgirl UK style, which means the BPMs are four on the floor but the vibe is confessional revenge, love the horns at the end – B

The Magic – Eels – good to see John Parish (of PJ Harvey fame) jumping on this riff based mood rock – B

Submarines – Failure – you’d think a band with the best blankcore name in the world would be great but they aren’t here, a rock ordinaire riff – C+

Black Illuminati (feat. Jadakiss) – Freddie Gibbs – one of our best gangsta rappers, this is boom-bat beats under a super strong freestyle… if Gibb hadn’t landed himself in prison he would have broken through bigger than he did (The New Yorker published an overview after his release). I assume you don’t need me to tell you how great Jadakiss is – A-

Bob James Freestyle – Ghostface Killah, Raekwon – gentrification sent us from UWS to LES to Brooklyn and now Staten Island, whose claim to fame isn’t only Wu Tang now, but is Wu Tang on a strong freestyle about their home borough – B+

OUTRUN MYSELF (with Travis Barker) – Jack Kays – piano ballad goes emo on a collab with Travis – C

Always Been You – Jessie Murph – the goth looking sad girl piano ballad about unrequited love – C

Fix You – Kacey Musgrave – Coldplay cover, not bad with a stripped down pop ballad mode – B

Another day in America (with Ozuna) – Kali Uchis – Steve Sondheim, who died two days ago, wrote the lyric to the “West Side Story” song and Kali uses it creatively to make a point about integration, the constipated inspired by Spielberg tag is stupid beyond belief – SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A-

Grateful – Kota the Friend – the indie rapper spreading love while he puts the great into grateful – B+

What’s Not To Like – Lime Cordiale, Idris Elba – The Australian pop rock duo are joined by the man who should be the new James Bond on a catchy winner – B

Wish I could party all the time! – Madelline – an exuberant, jump started, electronic prettiness the “bring the cameras out…” is a strong hook – B

NEW OLD SCHOOL – Method Man – Method Man just played Sony with Redman and I’d claim he is having a moment only, honestly, it has been one long moment. However, a disappointing – C+

Why Do I Call – Nicky Romero – the DJ gets his Avicii on – C

This Time – Nina Kraviz – the Russian DJ with a techno beat middling track – C+

LONDON’S BURNING – Poppy Ajudha – that Cleo Sol, neo-r&b UK vibe but with better beats – B

Misfit Toys (from the series Arcane League of Legends) – Pusha T – the video game sound song saved by a good Pusha T verse – B

By Your Side – Rod Wave – although his album earlier this year hit the Billboard 200 big time, his r&b is a snooze. However, he is better on a single standalone and “By Your Side” is a beautifully sung and executed self portrait – B+

Borracho – Sech, DJ Khaled – Sech is a great songwriter and the Urban Spanish hop hop guy kills it here, it’s a pity DJ Khaled is here as well – C+

Go – $NOT – if nothing else, he has a flow to die for – B

Banglez Ting (feat. Giggs) – Steel Banglez – Giggs is the big time grime guy and the Sikh extracted Steel a great producer, though it doesn’t add up on this one – B-

Tell Me (feat. Clean Bandit, Wes Nelson, Stefflon Don & Unknown T) – Steel Banglez – much better, Stefflon Don is an exceller rapper and Clean Bandit give Steelz a strong sound to play with – B+

Treetop (feat. Jason Williamson) – The Bug, Sleaford Mods – The Buy is the UK producer, Jason is half of Sleaford Mods, and it sounds like Sleaford Mods added to a techno beat – B+

Stoat (feat. Jason Williamson) – The Bug, Sleaford Mods – a dynamite deep beat veers towards house and Jason sounds the same (meaning, working class man of the people) – B

Threadbare – The Wonder Years – Soupy still in acoustic mode (great finger picked intro) after his fine solo album a coupla weeks ago – B+

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