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Going Steady: New Singles 11-23-18 – 11-29-18 Reviewed

Billie Eilish is younger than you are


REEL IT IN (feat. Gucci Mane) – Remix – Aminé, Gucci Mane – Strong remix with the trap beat more pronounced, a terrific verse, and Gucci adds a good not great rap – B

Sundress – A$AP Rocky – Nobody is doing quite what A$AP Rocky does, this uses a Tame Impala sample to great effect for a psychedelic song that recalls his mix and match “LSD” – B+


Our Grung – Beenie Man – The King Of Dancehall has been enjoying a good year, this is his THIRTEENTH SINGLE, as well as an EP, and really, he has been at the top of his game all year. This song has one of the most original riddims you’ll hear all week, as Beenie Man barks and toasts – B+

come out and play – Billie Eilish – Co-Written,  for Apple’s 2018 holiday ad campaign, “Holiday – Share Your Gifts”, with Billie’s brother and producer Finneas, the song itself is quiet and stirring as Apple advises you to share your creativity while you plunk down $1,500 for a cell phone. The commercial (see below) is terrific, and the song is even better, the reason for the single a little cynical – SINGLE OF THE WEEK – A-


Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Brett Eldredge – As Queen morph into ABBA, you have to wonder where their Broadway musical is? Till then, the pop world continues to mine the catalog. This ain’t bad, Brett gets the Elvisness of it all – B

Bammm (feat. Derek Minor & Byron Juane) – Canon, Derek Minor, Byron Juane – “I pray for haters and even pray for my bloggers yeah” because God has Canon in the palm of His hand… not bad, Canon’s flow is excellent, he moves through the bars fast, smart, and in control – B

Peace – Canyon Hills Worship – I’ve been covering Christian Contemporary without much joy for years now, the problem is the singing overdoes it in an effort to reach Jesus’ ear, it kills this song though the actual EDM is fine for what it is – C+

The Mint (feat. Navy Blue) – Earl Sweatshirt, Navy Blue – Those Odd Future guys get odder and more future, and Earl was always out there. A self-portrait with emphasis against a piano sample though quite what’s on his mind, possibly how drug abuse isn’t helping, I can only guess.  Navy Blue’s opening verse is excellent – B+

Quédate Conmigo – Intocable – Texas Latin American old school band mix rockabilly on this catchy rock plus squeezebox – B+

Te Esperé – Jesse & Joy – This duo won a Grammy for best Latin pop album in 2017, however this is a soppy drag – C

Save Me – K. Michelle – Autotune and echoe-y song of being dumped – B

MF+G – King Mez – You may remember Mez from Dr. Dre’s “Compton,” and this act of singularity is more powerful than “Talk About It” as he continues his “Data Plan” series – B

Sunny Side Up – King Mez – Soulful portrait of the rapper as a very young man – B+

Oodles O’ Noodles Babies – Meek Mill – another rapper remembers his hard as hell childhood – B

Stuck In The Middle – Mike Posner – This distance between this catchy pop track and “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” is minimal, but not non existence, and a remix might push it closer together – B-

SOS – Millencolin – You have to wonder why this terrific old school Swedish rock band couldn’t break Stateside, this is fast, sweet, and rumbling – B

Yet to Come – Rapture Ruckus – This has been a strange week, including this one, three good rock hybrids, this one from New Zealand and CCM, but the hook is huge – B

Summer Love – Rudimental, Rita Ora – Rita was made to sing this sort of soft pop EDM-y stuff – B

Poundshop Kardashians – Sam Fender – Singer songwriter with ringing guitars but a little wordy for the UK Mr. Obvious – C+

Lonely Dance – Set It Off – Dreadful whine and riff – MUST TO AVOID – C-

Use Me – Shaggy – I guess he has given up on the Sting collaboration – C+

All Ready To Go – Taking Back Sunday – Emo superstars still average out on this fast, loud and, moaning minnies – C

Roses And Sacrifice – The Avett Brothers – Americana doesn’t channel the youthfulness and joy of, say, the Everly Brothers. That’s why for all their rootsy skills and first rate harmonizing, the Avett Brothers are a bore – B-

Bit Logic (8-Bit Version) – The Bottle Rockets – Super clever return to computer games in the 1970s – B+

Piano Man – Live from Radio 2’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show – Tom Odell – Billy hasn’t sung it with this much conviction in decades – B

Dark Things – Vic Mensa – Straight up r&b and rap, ergo hip hop as Vic has everything he could ever want but can’t stop complaining – C

Fade – Vistas – Strange week indeed, this is first rate indie pop rock from Edinburgh that has just a touch of Postcard Records – B+

Can’t Knock The Hustle – Weezer – Somewhere Jay Z is rolling in his grave -C-

Zombie Bastards – Weezer – Well, it is better than “Hustle,” catchy chorus, and if you don’t like it you don’t like Weezer – C

Flip The Table Freestyle – Wiley – A decade or so later, Wiley is beginning to lead the way on Grime, he is as good a rapper as anybody in the US and he sounds so East Enders it is like an attractive anomalie – B


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