Going Steady: New single reviews 9-22-16 – 9-29-16

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Labor Of Love – Bon Jovi – after the abysmal “This House I Not For Sale”, this is a return to form for Jon, unfortunately the form he is  returning to is solo Bruce Springsteen circa 1992. Complain if you must, I won’t. I prefer to hear Jon copying his New Jersey superior than trying on his own clothes for fit. This a brooding, acoustic thriller and it works for me – B

Still Breathing – Green Day – would you go as far as to saying breathing? This boring by the numbers punk rock circa 2016 lays the blame for the state of rock and roll right at their door. This sound exactly like everyone from Taking back Sunday to Blink 182: completely awful. It could be 5 seconds Of summer for all I know – D+

Bling Blaww Blurr – Gucci Mane – How long has been since we got some new product from Gucci? Five minutes? Ten – C

WALLS – Kings Of Leon – four years later and these guys are worse than they have ever been. There wa a time they sounded like the stabndard bearer but those days are long gone and all this shit does is plod aimlessly and then die – D+

Moths Into Flame – Metallica – On a roll  all month, a terrific set at Governors Ball, Tuesday’s Webster Hall date, and the terrific “Hardwored” but this doesn’t completely the sequence. An ordinary headbanger track – C+

Lyk Did – Nxwrries – Great r&b soul band lead by Anderson Paak on drums and LA producer Knxwledge is the real deal. Last years “Suede” was a surprise while this one ain’t, we are used to Paak’s off melody singing by now, and is still first rate neo soul hip hop – B+

Vente Pa’ Ca – Ricky Martin – Now that crossover is out of the question, you’d hope for something harder than this Latin American pop, he might have given up on the Top 10 singles, without doing less than stretching on this move -. Not bad, but nothing much – C+

50,000 – Sting – It begins as a straight ahead riff rocker, but in typical fashion he drops an octave for the verse: such a fussy guy, such a twit. So Sting worries about rock stars, aging and death and the entire deal in his rearview mirror. Not one interesting thought does he manage… it is all blather: “rock stars don’t ever die, they only fade away”, he concludes. And he is, of course, wrong – D

Starboy – The Weeknd, Daft Punk – Of there is a problem here, ,maybe there isn’t, you know, it’s that Daft Punk get in the way of the Weeknd’s Weekndynesss. It sounds too average and less troubled than we are used to from the cat. Even so, this is as good as modern pop gets, a beautiful, slimmed down, beat oriented self-portrait; the bridge is brilliant and a true legend of the fall.

Daylight – Yelawolf – White boy rapper by the native American, it might be real, but it sounds inauthentic and it it isn’t half as much as the terrific blues work out “Till It’s Gne” – C+




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