Frank Ocean Has Lost His Young Brother Ryan Breaux: Social Media React

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Ryan Breaux

Frank Ocean and his brother Ryan Breaux a few years ago


As you already probably know, Ryan Breaux, Frank Ocean’s young brother died yesterday night in a terrible single-car accident in Thousand Oaks. Friends on social media were almost immediately able to identify that Ryan and another victim, Ezekial Bishop, a track and field student-athlete, had died in the car crash. A video of the accident, which occurred just before 1:30 am, reveals a horrific scene, with a car on fire and debris everywhere. Bishop and Ryan Breaux were respectively 20 and 18,

Looking at all these photos on social media, you can tell that Frank and Ryan were very close, while Ocean’s 2011 song ‘Orion,’ from his ‘Lonny Breaux’ mixtape is probably about his younger brother.

Loss is a terrible thing to survive, some people never overcome such life trauma and I cannot imagine the pain of the families at this moment.

It is a sign of our times that social media were talking about the two victims before the families had even identified them, but it’s another sign of our times that people on social media can comment with such selfish disregard for the family’s pain.

If the majority of the comments on Instagram and Twitter are obviously respectful toward the heartbreaking story, some people have left some of the most insensitive comments I have ever seen, making allusion to the possible beautiful music that could come from this tragedy:

‘Good music coming,’ wrote one…. ‘Finally we gun get some Frank Ocean music,’ wrote another… ‘Sacrifice. He’s about to go platinum.’

You can read a few examples of these heartless comments below… I checked several of these profiles on Instagram and many of them are private, I wonder why.

Frank Ocean has always appeared as a very sensitive artist, who has always been under a lot of pressure to release new material. I remember him canceling his appearance at the FYF fest at the last minute in 2015, and Kanye West stepping up without any explanation, to Ocean’s disappointed fans. People have been waiting for a new album since the release of ‘Blonde’ in 2016, but how can some of them speak with such entitlement if they have any feeling toward Frank Ocean? I certainly hope he doesn’t read these horrible comments now and never…

Social media is a window into everybody’s mind, and it seems that, more and more, there’s no filter, people express any thought without even censoring anything and the fact that some find themselves entitled to write such things for the world to see says a lot. The public thinks an artist is owned by his fandom, while the artist in question owes them a regular work… wasn’t it what this Spotify CEO was saying a few days ago? It’s consumerism at its worst.

In these thoughts, there’s also the idea of the artist as the martyr of our modern times, and the archetype idea of sacrifice for the sake of entertainment, coming from either a Kafka short story or the dark age of religiosity. Are we still throwing Christians in the lion arena for our own enjoyment?

If a tragic loss can be the source of great art — the two last Nick Cave albums come to mind — it is utterly immoral to wish our artists to endure the most awful pain for our own pleasure. What a terrible thing to say to your favorite artist, what a thoroughly selfish way to see art and creation.

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