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FOMO Fest, The Echo Has A Full Week Of Free Shows In January

POW! will play FOMO fest


The Echo has announced its FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Fest, and if it was in the past a full evening of free music, in 2018 it will be a full week of free music. Starting January 2nd, you will be able to go to the Echo for free, 5 nights in a row to check out young and upcoming bands,… isn’t life great?

The line up includes a few bands I have already had the pleasure to see a few times such as Flatworms, POW! (who recently opened for the Dandy Wahrols), the Mad Walls (they opened for Cosmonauts) and Cat Scan on Wednesday, Grand Lord High Master (I saw them at a hardcore/metal mini festival) on Thursday, Drinking Flowers and Litronix on Friday, the Side Eyes and Pinky Pinky on Saturday. Obviously, there are a few others I may have the chance to check out for the first time, such as Gun Outfit, Warm Drag, the Pesos, Shannon Lay (who plays guitar with Feels), and Nectarines on Tuesday, Urgent Care on Wednesday, Child, Color, Monarch and Grave Flowers & His Bongo Band on Thursday, Thumpasauras, Rumblepak and Collin Cairo on Friday, Hit Bargain and Pastel Felt on Saturday… Too many bands, too little time, and more than ever, the fear of missing out something good, because there’s no way I will be able to go out each night.

All this is free, and some of these bands are so obscure they don’t even have social medias, so it’s up to you to guess what kind of sound they may have. For more info on the ones I know, let’s just say that the Side Eyes is fronted by the young Astrid McDonald, who is the daughter of Redd Kross frontman Jeff McDonald and Go-Go’s Charlotte Caffey, while Pinky Pinky are on Hanni El Khatib’s label and are always playing with Starcrawler. It sounds like a fun and interesting week, in a town which seems to give birth to new bands every day. Does the FOMO Fest give them a good chance for the future? Probably, last year, there were Moon Honey and Prettiest Eyes, and the first one got a full month residency at the Echo (plus they headline a show at the Teragram this week), and the second one just released an album on John Dwyer’s label and play with METZ this week at the Teragram too. So good luck to all these bands and see you there.

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