Five Songs For The Week (of Halloween), October 31st 2018

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It’s Halloween, so let’s get into the spirit with a few songs:

Spirit in the Room – ‘Kid’: The music and aesthetic of Spirit in the Room is just perfect for Halloween, brutal and mysterious, creepy and noisy, the song is much more than fuzzy guitars fronted by Dennis R. Sanders’ aggressive delivery, as there is a lot going on in this track which was released at the beginning of this year. It’s both stylish and atmospheric with even slide guitars, hard-hitting snares and a strange transformation around minute 3 when the song dives into a synth swirl looping around a bass distortion.

Ho99o9 – ‘Street Power’: Live, they are one of the most frightening and powerful bands I know, and this song is a track from their 2017 ‘United States of Horror, mixing horror rap, metal riffs and Bad Brains almighty hardcore assaults. Ho99o9 — just pronounce horror — are brutal enough to soundtrack a gory movie, although they have appeared in a video for Stella McCartney campaign shot by Philippa Price.

Death Grips – ‘Death Grips Is Online’: This song of their 2018 ‘Year of the Snitch’ is another creepy and disturbing track from the experimental rap band… it’s a claustrophobic one, curious and chaotic, agitated and busy, furious and scary, sample-crowded and escaping any simple description, this band continues to create the soundtrack for your alt-Halloween movie.

Head Wound City – ‘Born to Burn’: a title track for a horror movie and a supergroup for your Halloween terror night, including members of The Blood Brothers, YeahYeah Yeahs and The Locust. This is a bullet hardcore kind of song, short and barbarous, getting to the essential with Jordan Billie’s wounded beast scream haunting the rest of your night.

Grinderman – ‘Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man’… This is your horror fix if you want to listen to Nick Cave howling like a wolf over the Bad Seeds’ distorted and deranged blues. It’s as hard hitting as a murder scene, with a hell-raising story climaxing when two ugly characters ‘sucked her dry’… who needs TV with such vivid descriptions? As for a possible Grinderman reunion, this is what Nick Cave wrote in his Red Hand Files after a conversation with Warren Ellis: ‘We both thought the world needed Grinderman, considering its current emotional climate. Warren wanted to wait until Trump got re-elected, in the hope he would invite us to play ‘No Pussy Blues’ at the presidential celebrations. I’m not sure if he was joking or not. I personally felt there was no urgency, and that the older we got, the better Grinderman would be – the more deranged, the more priapic, and the more morally dubious.’ Who wouldn’t want to wait a bit for good old Grinderman to bring more dubious moral in our lives?


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