Five Songs For The Week, November 7th 2018

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Zig Zags


This playlist is gonna be a locals-only pick, 5 songs by bands I have enjoyed seeing live at small clubs here in Los Angeles.

Hooveriii –‘Bird on a Wire’: this song sounds a bit like something by Thee Oh Sees with perfectly hooky guitar chords going crescendo into a wild psychedelia, although it starts like a krautrock pop song with UFO-like strangeness and echoing-vocals. Hooveriii is a fun band with a lot of inventive tricks and absolutely wild live shows.

Warm Drag – ‘the Wanderer’: An electronic noise duo with an undeniable sex appeal. Singer Vashti Windish vamps the mic stand like a dance pole while Paul Quattrone makes the noise, and the result sounds like Nico meets Patti Smith over washed-out electronics, it also defies genres while providing the soundtrack of a trip into a bizarro-futuro nightclub. It’s intriguing and seducing.

The Pesos – ‘Heartbreak’: A surf pop song with a large dose of melancholia and heartfelt guitars. The tone has this early fall colors, just on time for the current season, with that bitter taste left in the mouth at the thought of another summer already gone. It’s lo-fi and a bit on the disheveled side, but it screams young love.

The Shrine – ‘I Can’t Control it’: Like a classic rock song, the Shrine and their Black Sabbath-envy want to dominate the world, or at least your world. With a few perfect power-chords and faux-hair-metal riffs, they could at least soundtrack the next rock biopic.

Zig Zags –‘The Fog’: Pure madness and loudness, Zig Zags are a powerful trio composing songs which sound like war declarations although they often have a pop sensibility. It’s metal power with rubber chords and hypnotic chants, it smells like motorcycle and trailer parks but it will make you raise both fists in the air.


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