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Five Songs For The Week, February 12th 2019

Spirit in the Room


Spirit in the Room – ‘The Future is Immediate’: The song is featured on the band’s new release, a 3-song EP, and it’s a pure screamer, channeling a punkier version of Nine Inch Nails. Frontman and singer Dennis Sanders releases a rare fury over propelling guitars, before ending into a cathartic shriek mixing anger and despair. Sanders explained the meaning of the song in a few sentences: The Future is Immediate is about the feeling you get when you see someone that you know deep down is a piece of shit getting regarded as a saint via social media. False hero worship. Empty Vessels. We have a tendency to believe everything we see and hear nowadays and it’s absolutely mind-blowing how gullible human beings have become.’ It could apply to so many examples, but I won’t name names because the feeling is absolutely shared and I want to scream with him.

Lake Street Dive – ‘Good Kisser’: After so much rage we can calm down a bit with this sweet one, a clap-along tune from Lake Street Dive’s last year album ‘Free Yourself Up’. The song doesn’t lack any punch and empowerment thanks to Rachael Price’s extraordinary powerhouse. With its country-meets-gospel-meets-the-Jackson-5 vibe, the song obviously sweeps the place with the ultimate female power statement: ‘tell him I’m a good kisser!’ And who could resist this?

The Gutter Twins – ‘Idle Hands’: A terrific and terrifying vocal prowess by Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan and even Joseph Arthur, who is doing the backing vocals on that one. The song comes from ‘Saturnalia’, their only studio album together, and it cruises through heavy darkness with high desert rocking guitars before revealing plenty of creepiness. I like how the song starts with a wind blowing from the Middle East as if it were a wide-screen adventure movie, before soaring into a gigantic rock opera chorus.

Justus Proffit, Jay Som – ‘Nothing’s Changed’: With this gentle and hooky tune, which comes from a collaborative EP between the two artists, we are back to lo-fi and Beatles-esque harmonies. This song works like another dreamy bedroom pop nursing an upbeat tone, a touch of melancholia and even a nice trumpet solo at the end. There is a newfound sweetness in this simple song, even if it is a very short one.

Cheekface – ‘Dry Heat/nice Town’: The talking tone of the beginning of the song is thrown at everybody’s face with plenty of humor, while the following chorus has a Stroke-era boldness. plenty of electric textures and some politically-charged sarcastic lyrics. The LA trio – Greg Katz, Amanda Tannen, and Mark Edwards – is said to be inspired by Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman, Stephen Malkmus, and the song was written after two of them attended the Women’s March. ‘I think the only way a more utopian society can happen is through mass protest movements’, explained Greg Katz. ‘ The central question of the song is, what would happen in L.A. if a public demonstration resulted in a socialist utopia? And the answer is, there would be free green juice at 7-11.’ You will certainly get the irony of the song.

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