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Five Songs For The Week, December 21st 2018

Adrianne Lenker


Oliver Coates – ‘Bambi 2046’: I just saw Oliver Coates opening for Thom Yorke on Wednesday night, and he was obviously an interesting find. I picked this song because it reminded me what he played on stage, as he was sitting alone with his cello and computer recordings. The entire experience was as intense as this track, with rattling bass lines, melancholic cello loops, mysterious voices, fuzziness, reverb, discordance, and nervous electro beats. He seemed to open an entire universe of inventive sounds and percussions and he kept me at the edge of my seat for his entire set, with more surprises than I honestly expected, during a mind spelling music with a very cinematic ambiance.

Adrianne Lenker – ‘Symbol’: Since I have seen her with her band Big Thief, I have had a crush on her incredibly pure melodies, cryptic lyrics and crystalline voice. This song comes from her solo album ‘abysskiss’ released this year, and it has a very logical place in this playlist as the song builds a melancholic but also very Radiohead-esque atmosphere, with Adrianne humming over her guitar looping around an anxious line. It’s a truly beautiful, finger-picking acoustic song that will haunt you for a long time while touching something very deep inside your soul.

Broken Bells – ‘Shelter’: This is the new one from the famous duo and their first new material since 2015. The song delivers a very catchy melody, and one of Danger Mouse’s layered and percussive soundscape growing into a giant powerful and sweeping chorus, sung by James Mercer and his familiar croon. This one could grow in the charts, it is easy to love but it provides enough experimental detours to please everybody.

Molly Burch – ‘Please Be Mine’: I saw the Austin singer-songwriter opening for Alex Cameron a few months ago, and her music, often working on the retro side, had the power to stop time. This song, which is the title song of her 2017 release, is a heartbreak, a devastating slow dance to listen to alone with a handkerchief, watching the other couples on the dancefloor. Like the lyrics of the song, it is begging for a nostalgic romance.

Iceage – ‘Against the Moon’: I beat myself for missing the Danish punk band when they played with the Black Lips last month. They certainly are an intriguing bunch, creating music which sounds like nobody else’s. This strange song, from their album ‘Plowing Into the Field of Love’, sends shivers along the spine, with a very noir ambiance of strident and obsessive keys, dying horns and Elias Bender Rønnenfelt’s ultra-detached fuck-you-all delivery. It’s a very cinematic one, a dark alley thrill with a sort of latent nihilism, but these guys are also very brainy since the song was inspired by the painting ‘Pissing against the moon’ by Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and the sexually-charged video for the song features German actor Dan van Husen, known for his roles in Federico Fellini’s Casanova and Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu the Vampyre,




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