Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady

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Post-feminism has men against the wall, women what men to be the aggressor without being aggressive, and if there was a way to do it that would be terrific. we learn from experience and my experience has been that faint heart never won fair lady. I’m not discussing Harvey Weinstein, I don’t question rape, what I question is Scott Springer who twenty years ago attempted to kiss a woman and was rejected, the woman now considers it inappropriate behavior. But if you can’t go in for a kiss without  the possibility of being rejected, how do you expect mating to occur? On a personal level, I hate rejection and it really hurt me with the opposite sex, but I had no choice. rejection comes with the territory and that is alright, it’s the way it works. what isn’t alright is being ostracised by society for it. being rejected AND cancelled is double jeopardy. I’m so relieved I am not in the market for romance, I wouldn’t be able to do it with both my natural timidity and the fear of imprisonment holding me back. For men, the answer is simple: let women pursue you. But they are even less aggressive than I am.

I totally get that men are dicks but not all men are dicks and society puts them in the same room from the opposite side of women, they are expected to be the pursuer, they have to be the pursuer, but now they can’t be a pursuer. Tainting all men with the same brush only hurts women,.

The problem in discussing this is that men do terrible things to women, and it may feel like splitting hairs, but it is a question of romance and courtship not of harassment and violence. women went through hell to get out from under the thumb of patriarchs and arranged women, and yet now it seems like they’d be better off with it if every time a man winks at them they freak out.

There has been a steadily building conservatism within the women’s movements which wants nothing more than for women to not express their sexuality. The 60s/70s post-pill society presumed an equal sex drive for both sexes and with pregnancy controllable (and, lest we forget, paternity tests readily available even before birth), there is no reason not to. There is no moral question to sex, it should be an open ended pursuit. But women are either frightened by men’s physical prowess (and liability for violence), or by their own reputation. The story of the girl who had sex with five men and then reported it as rape is indicative. And what is also indicative is how one in five women in college have been raped. Eh? That doesn’t sound right at all. If it is, just stick all men in prison and let them be released when they prove they are not violent criminal.

Intercouse is not morality

Pursuit is not rape

Attempt and accept rejection when it happens

And stop making men into criminals unless, of course, they are criminals




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