Download Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ For Free On Google Play

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If you are a Michael Jackson fan, you won’t care much for this piece of news since you probably already owned this album since the 80’s, but it is news-worthy nevertheless! It is the first time I hear about such a thing: you can download Michael Jackson’s iconic album ‘Thriller’ for free right now, on Google Play if you live in the US. But hurry up because it will only stay free for a week, starting November 20th.

Google Play made it available to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of its release, which seems very bizarre, why 33? Why not 30 or 40? In any case, unless you were born yesterday, you know this is the album that features many famous songs such as ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’’. ‘The Girl is Mine’, ‘Beat it’, ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Pretty Young Thing’, and of course ‘Thriller’… it also features Paul McCartney, Eddie Van Halen and Michael’s little sister Janet Jackson, ‘Thriller’ was a hit-packed album with big stars. However, some fans have already noticed a letdown in the story – or may be it is a plus? – the available version appears to be in a demo format rather than the original version which was released in 1982 on Epic Records.

The album sold 50 million copies worldwide so may be it’s time to make it for free forever, because who is still gonna buy a 33-year old album? I have fond memories of the clip video for the song ‘Thriller’, it was another time, a time when Michael Jackson was still this weird and awesome man-child who could moon walk and scare little children in a complete innocent way, it was before the 1,000 nose jobs and the child molestation accusations. Bring me back to the 80’s.


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