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Don Henley Ejects A Fan From A Show For Shouting Don Felder’s Name


Don Henley


There’s no way I can consider Dom Henley a nice person, all these lawsuits, all these fights with ex bandmate, all this ex-Eagle arrogance mixed with this fake hippie spirit nonsense do not make him very lovable.

A week ago, he proved he was not Mr. nice guy once again, he ejected a fan from a solo concert in Detroit… According to MLive, Henley was performing in support of his new album, “Cass County’, and just when he was introducing the musicians of his band, a fan yelled out ‘Don Felder’… And the fan continued, ‘Don Felder taught Tom Petty how to play guitar.’…. Which really got on Henley’s nerves: ‘OK, that’s it, you’re outta here, and I had security escort him out,’ he told Mlive.

The crowd was with him, cheering in approval because they probably had paid something like $400 for their seats and didn’t want to get ejected too… Henley added ‘I did exactly what Glenn (Frey, founder of the Eagles) would have wanted me to do in his hometown’, and the show went on smoothly.

But what kind of behavior is this? And I am talking about Henley’s! Ejecting someone from a concert hall for saying something? People jump on stage at shows and they are not ejected, you have to do something very serious to be thrown from a show, a bit more disruptive than chanting the name of an ex-band member. I have attended a few shows where some people were aggressive or even obnoxious but a few boos from the crowd were enough to solve the problem. Plus, it’s a rock n’ roll show, not a church, you can’t expect people to shut up.

This si the comment left by someone who attended the show and this sums up very well the situation: ‘Henley looks at it as negative because he still feels the guilt. He knows he was wrong and he is still very touchy about it. By giving the guy his money back (I was at the concert and heard Henley say that twice) he is admitting guilt. Henley could’ve so easily taken the high road but chose the knee jerk reaction and it put a damper on the remainder of the concert. It absolutely deflated my experience which had started out so well. This performance solidified my impression of Henley and I would not consider seeing him again.’ More than ever, Henley looks like a jerk.


  1. Victor on October 3, 2017 at 10:01 am

    That’s what another fellow Eagles fan said also. He said That at the end, Henley had to drag Frey into it to justify his actions by saying its what Frey would’ve wanted. His guilt influenced him to actually blame his behavior on Frey. His comment that Eagles is Frey’s band is implying the same thing: Felder was kicked out because it was “Frey’s band”, implying he was not to blame to do with it. Henley said Felder was just bitter; of course he was bitter, he had every right to be. If what Felder wrote was false, there would not have been a settlement stipulating Felder cannot reveal the terms. Quoting Henley, “ Get over it! “ and own up to how you and Frey jobbed Felder. Wow, he was really animated when he told me this. Other Eagles fans that I’ve discussed this with had similar feelings. Like it or not, Henley should realize this.

  2. Sean Fullerton on March 20, 2018 at 4:47 am

    How sad to see good friends devour each other over
    money and business control. Don Henley is now the
    last man standing in the Eagles mega corporation.
    He owns everything, and everyone now bows to him,
    including the lovable and self-effacing Joe Walsh.

    Greedy power mongering will totally suck the
    very joy out of your life. Look at poor Glenn Frey.
    More than any single thing, this is what has ruined
    rock music in particular, and the record industry
    in general. It’s all so ugly and pitiful…

  3. Brian on September 9, 2020 at 12:11 pm

    Henley seems like a really unpleasant guy.It’s interesting that the books “Take It to the Limit” and “Heaven and Hell” and documentaries basically corroborate each other: Henley and Frey were frequently awful human beings to people around them, including each other. And, of course, after Frey died and Henley said that was the end of the Eagles, he put together an”Eagles” and toured as such anyway. Typical. Expect him to continue—$$$ and crowds for his ego

  4. Kim Roberts on October 19, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    Having met the unpleasant Felder in 2019 I’m with Henley all the way. I now see why they fired the guy.

    • Douchenozzle on February 24, 2021 at 9:44 pm

      The Eagles fucking suck. Overrated, boring as hell asshats. Henley is one of the biggest pieces of shit in the music industry. Dude never put any heart and soul into anything he ever wrote or performed and the music is watered down, stale and lacking any emotion whatsoever. Why do so many people like this fucking band? They weren’t groundbreaking in any way and offered nothing of any musical value. Please stop listening to this fucking garbage and come to your senses.
      Joe Walsh, however, is the coolest motherfucker in the world and a genius musician. All of his work in The James Gang and on his solo albums is fucking awesome. Joe is a national treasure and deserves to be treated and praised as such. I still don’t know why he decided to join The Eagles in the mid ’70’s when his solo career was already flying high. My only guess is because The Eagles were huge partiers back then, as Joe obviously was, and that was an ideal environment for him. In the end though, even Joe couldn’t save this band from the steaming pile of shit that they were and since they didn’t record too many of the songs that he tried to contribute, they continued to release Frey/Henley tracks that were as stale as your grandmother’s snatch. Hey Henley, get off the rag and “get over it,” you little bitch.

      • Zap Rowsdower on September 7, 2022 at 3:59 pm

        I must agree that Don Henley is a turd merchant and what he does is not art ever .

    • Pat Roberson on December 19, 2021 at 5:36 pm

      I am with you Kim. And screw Felders whinny ass!

  5. Post 1990 music SUCKS!!! on February 18, 2022 at 4:12 pm

    Name one “star” (even if dimly lit) that hasn’t been a DICK at some point in their career, or their whole career!!As much as i love the Eagles music, I don’t have to love the members of the band. I agree with Douchenozzle, Joe Walsh is a pretty cool shit and i wish i was around back in the day to trash a hotel room with the guy!!

  6. Thomas Beasley on February 24, 2022 at 6:06 pm

    I have loved the eagles music in my younger years. But now I know the TRUTH!!!!!!! It is all about the MONEY and CONTROL and APPLAUSE. I HOPE IT ALL GOES AWAY and henley dies a broke lonely bastard that he is.

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