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Defending Neverland: Michael Jackson And The Slandering Of A Pop Icon

The King of Pop, the legend, the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen, has come under fire once again. Michael Jackson has been maliciously slandered and extorted most of his life. “Leaving Neverland”, the blatantly one-sided documentary, was clearly, carefully choreographed. Directed by Dan Reed, and featuring accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck, it depicts the King of Pop as a  child molester. Even when Michael Jackson isn’t here anymore to defend himself, he still can’t rest in peace.

I have watched both parts of the documentary and have come to the conclusion that there is no truth to these accusations, and that there are too many inconsistencies in both Robson and Safechuck’s stories. I do not believe that Michael Jackson was a child molester; he was too kind hearted, loved to give all he could and was the most caring, loveable person to everyone who had the privilege of meeting him.

After years and years of coming to Michael Jackson’s defence, especially at his trial in 2005, and saying he didn’t lay a finger on either of them, why come out with these allegations almost thirty years later? And how can two grown men not realise they were “sexually abused” until their late 30’s. It’s a bit odd to say the least.

When researching further, I found that Robson and Safechuck both came to the realisation they were molested by Jackson in 2013. These two men have had years to plan what they were going to say. Both men have claimed that they do not have financial motive for making accusations against Michael Jackson, but evidence suggests otherwise.

In December 2010, Wade Robson was offered to direct Step Up 4 and according to court papers and a blog post, Robson wrote on November 17th, 2017, he considered the directing job to be a fulfilment of Michael’s prophecy to him as a child; Michael said that he would become a movie director of epic proportions, even bigger than Spielberg. But because of this alleged prophecy, Wade crumbled under the pressure. He realised it was all too much for him and it triggered a nervous breakdown, forcing him to withdraw from the project. This is what he said in his 2017 blog post.

“Additionally, I was now ravaged by a de-habilitating feeling of shame that I was a complete failure. I felt that my entire life had been building to this opportunity to become a Film Director. It had arrived, I was fulfilling Michael’s prophecy, and then I blew it, therefore my entire life, I believed, had been in vain. Thank God I had Amanda and our baby boy because beyond them I feel no purpose anymore.”

 The Step-Up movie was not his first attempt at failure: he did not mention this in his blog post. Back in 2009, in an interview for Dance Informer, Robson said he and his wife were working on writing their first feature film together, he was quoted saying:

“We have been writing [the film] all through [2008] as well, but Amanda was mostly working on it because I was doing the Cirque show.”

Bear in mind, the Cirque show he’s talking about is not the Michael Jackson Cirque de Soleil, bit Criss Angel’s Believe show where Robson worked as a choreographer. The show was a critical and commercial failure and was cancelled in 2016. No movie ever materialised from Robson, meaning he sacrificed plenty of job opportunities that would give him a guaranteed income. This resulted in Robson suffering from an emotional collapse and ended with him seeking professional help.

On May 16, 2011, Robson began therapy for about a month, but evidence shows on May 21st, 2011, just five days after he started therapy, Robson wrote an email to the director of the Michael Jackson Cirque de Soleil show in which he stated:

“I always wanted to do the MJ show, badly. Look, the directing gig didn’t work out. It was consuming me in an unhealthy way that I wasn’t okay with being a brand-new father. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to direct a studio film.”

 Robson was hired for the Cirque de Soleil show, but not as director, that went to Jamie King. Robson was hired for a lower position; the show’s creators did not feel Robson was the right fit to direct it.

Business for Robson was not doing well; he declined all offers through the connections he had, burning all bridges with them. He had exhausted all his savings and assets and hadn’t done anything mention-worthy for almost a decade and he blamed Michael Jackson for it, due to Jackson telling him he would become big.

In March 2012, almost a year after his first mental breakdown, Robson suffered another nervous breakdown and started going to a new therapist in April 2012 and started insight oriented therapy. Three weeks into his therapy, on 8th May 2012, he declared the first allegations against Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse to his therapist. He had suddenly, so conveniently, remembered the abuse and started shopping for a book deal, as shown in his emails from late 2012 to early 2013. No publisher picked it up. In the draft version of the book, Robson called himself a “master of deception.” Seventy-three were sent between Robson, a literary agent Alan Nevins and his lawyer, Helen Yu from December 2012 to February 2013. This is the same man who said under oath and even in interviews, that Michael Jackson did not abuse him, and with no hesitation as well.


The fact that Robson has financial interest in accusing and suing Michael Jackson’s estate is also highlighted by Robson’s legal actions. Robson filed two types of legal action against Michael Jackson’s entities, perjuring himself to get around the statute of limitations. He filed a creditor’s claim against Jackson’s estate in probate court and a lawsuit against two of Jackson’s companies in civil court; for the alleged childhood sexual abuse. And he states that due to those allegations, he could never work in the entertainment industry again and needed financial compensation.

Robson demanded a whopping $1.62 billion dollars and still kept working in the entertainment business on various insignificant projects.



The second accuser, James Safechuck’s  allegations have never made it as far in the court system as Robson; there are no depositions regarding him. What there is evidence of is his complaint and his declaration. Represented by the SAME lawyers as Robson. Safechuck, like Robson, claims that up until shortly before he filed his lawsuit, he did not realise that he had allegedly been sexually abused as a child.

“I never knew that what he did to me was sexual abuse. I continued into adulthood not understanding that what he did and what we did was wrong.”

 Safechuck is saying here that he didn’t realise until he was an adult that sexual relations between a grown man and young boy are wrong and considered child abuse.

Vince Finaldi, the lawyer of both Robson and Safechuck, has been known to repeatedly supply tabloids with untrue stories that they could use to generate bad press for the estate and to make Michael look bad in the press. Rapper T.I. has said that he thinks this is another attempt to destroy the reputation of a black man, similar to what happened with Martin Luther King Jr.

In early 2013, AEG were hit with a lawsuit by Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson’s children for the wrongful death of the late King of Pop. During the trial, AEG’s lawyer warned that something ugly was going to come out in this lawsuit. On 21st March 2013, the judge allowed AEG the use of the child abuse allegations in the trial in order for them to make a case against the Jackson’s, alleging that Michael Jackson was responsible for his own death. How convenient, that the very same day, Wade Robson put his house up for sale for $789K which sold on 8th May 2013 for $825K, only a day after his allegations went public on 7th May 2013. That tells us that Robson may have been approached by AEG to make up the child abuse claims in exchange for money and to help AEG tarnish Michael Jackson’s reputation.

Robson and Safechuck’s lawyers have been known for ‘victim fishing’, according to an article published in The Media back in 2012.


During the Sundance Film Festival, in January 2019, after the showing of “Leaving Neverland”, Safechuck and Robson were asked if they were offered any compensation for the documentary, both men denied that they were offered any money to participate in the making of the film. However, very recently, Robson set up a fund asking people to contribute towards the healing from and the prevention of child abuse. Interestingly enough, this page was set up before the documentary was released and about six years after the allegations became public.

There are more inconsistencies in the documentary; as you can see in the image above, it says that Robson’s wife was also a victim of child sexual abuse, but in “Leaving Neverland” she claimed that she had never been sexually abused and did not know how to approach Wade on it. She said, and I quote, in the documentary:

“I had no knowledge of child sexual abuse, or the psychological way it plays out into adulthood. I was incredibly Naïve to the subject.”

The statement, about Robson’s wife, has since been removed, as well as the page itself, and has been replaced with the “Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund.” This was due to the backlash from Jackson fans.

In “Leaving Neverland” both Robson and Safechuck are describing two very different child abusers, despite claims that both their stories are parallel as the film would suggest. In Robson’s case there is no grooming period, at all, of the parents or the children before Michael Jackson starts molesting him. Robson described his abuser as being very careless, who would abuse him every time they were alone, even with other people, including Robson’s mother, in the next room. However, the abuser Safechuck describes is the exact opposite of this. Safechuck describes his abuser as a very vigilant one, who only starts molesting him after more than a year of grooming and who goes to extreme lengths to avoid being caught.

One thing Robson failed to mention, in the documentary, was that Michael Jackson set him up with his niece, Brandi Jackson, and they dated for ten years. This was during the time the supposed abuse was going on. Now, a child molester would not want to share his/her victim with anyone, let alone a family member.

The birthday video in “Leaving Neverland” was shortened down in the trailer for the documentary, to make it seem more spine-chillingly disturbing. It is strange though that this video was included in the documentary that is sadistically trying to push the account that Michael Jackson was a relentless paedophile. Since this video is nothing more than a friendly birthday wish. But, really, was the video really meant for Wade Robson, who claims in the documentary that “Little One” was Michael’s nickname for him.

Evidence proves that this video was recorded on 20th February 1990, the day Michael Jackson was awarded the artist of the decade award by CBS Records. Robson’s birthday is on 17th September, seven months later than when the video was shot.

When re-watching the video, it is noticeable that it has been edited and cut into pieces for example, the message at the beginning, “Hello Wade” is separate from the rest of the video. It could be possible that what was shown in “Leaving Neverland” was altered and viewers were watching something that was completely contrived. It comes as no surprise though that the film creators have come up with this one-sided documentary, so why not cut bits and pieces of video to make Michael Jackson look like a paedophile. But the footage is innocent and there is nothing wrong with what was being said at all. It was just their way to prove that Michael’s special nickname for Wade was “Little One”. There is nothing in the video that can be linked directly to Robson. It is more likely that Michael Jackson recorded one video message that day, to send to many different children on their birthday, instead of having to repeat himself over and over again. The only part he recorded separately was, “Hello Wade” and he did that for any other kids’ name that he wanted to send the message to.

Or, this message could have been for someone else entirely. It could’ve been for someone’s birthday that was actually on 20th February and “Hello Wade” was either fabricated or added to make it look like it was addressed to Robson. The fact that this was not Wade’s birthday or even anywhere near his birthday, shows that the video was edited to make it look like it was made for Robson. When in actual fact it was not, at least not exclusive to Wade. This is important as it is another of the creator’s tactics to make Michael look bad.

One of my friends, who also watched “Leaving Neverland” said something interesting about Robson and Safechuck’s hand movements. The way the both kept circulating their hands, as if trying to mould an image to make us believe the lies they are trying to create about Michael Jackson, since they didn’t believe it themselves. And by doing those particular hand gestures, they thought it would make their stories believable, when in actual fact it shows that they really didn’t believe it themselves. It was a way to try and convince themselves whilst trying to convince the viewers.

The last thing I want to touch on is something James Safechuck’s mother said about Michael Jackson’s death. She said:

“I danced when heard that he’d died. I was lying in bed and the news came on, I got out of bed and I was like, “Oh thank God he can’t hurt anymore children.” Those were my thoughts. I was so happy he died.”

 First of all, this is the most disgusting thing you could ever say about someone who was a big part of your life, who gave you money, a house, luxury holidays. Both families lived the high life because of him and his generosity. Second, Michael Jackson died in 2009; how could Safechuck’s mother have known about any child molestation accusations back then because both men did not tell their families about any child sexual abuse until 2012 or 2013. This is another inconsistency in their story. It’s just a big web of lies.

Both Robson and Safechuck both have financial motive from doing this documentary, with them both being failed movie directors. Neither of them has a single shed of proof to back up their allegations, they just saw an opportunity for financial gain and to exploit an already deceased man by filing lawsuits against his companies. A man who is no longer here to defend himself against these serious allegations or to even explain to his children, who don’t deserve to hear this about their father, what is actually going on.

Michael Jackson was nothing but good and kind to both Safechuck and Robson’s families, and any other people that came across him. These two have robbed him of any good that he has ever done. Michael Jackson never had a childhood; his father took that away from him, that is why, as an adult, he always surrounded himself with kids because he saw himself in them and wanted to live the childhood, that he never got, through them. He wanted to give these kids the chance to experience what was stolen from him and of course his kindness was misunderstood and mistaken for something sinister.


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  1. Silvana Bosio on May 18, 2019 at 9:28 pm

    Thank you for such enlightened comments. There are no doubts about these people lying just for the sake of money. It’s a pity and a shame that many people around the world don’t know the truth and buy all these lies. Let’s keep fighting to clear Michael from these accusations. He deserves to rest in peace and his family to go on with their lives. I’m from Argentina. God bless you.

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