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Dave Grohl: Stupidest Man On Earth, Part 493


“Don’t make me make you do the fucking wave because I’ll do it. I will get a wave going, you rich motherfuckers in the box seats,” he said, adding: “Look at you. They own car dealerships and shit up there. I know who you are, you’ve got a fucking carpet cleaning company. I get it. You got tickets from the hockey team or some shit, it’s all good. Just so you know, I’m going to rock your fucking balls just as hard as these fucking motherfuckers. You can sit there eating your chicken fingers, but your ass is mine motherfucker. That’s just how I roll. Hope y’all got some fucking ranch with that shit!”

That’s the quite possibly most ignorant man in the USA, Dave Grohl, insulting people who, stupidly true, paid top dollar to see the dreadful Foo Fighters.

I am really not certain what Grohl’s problem is, the man is tone deaf. Just for the shits and giggle I checked out the prices for Foo Fighters gig today in Memphis, Tennessee and the cheapest seat is $50.12 which begs an answer to the musical question, what is the ferret faced fuckers problem. Who is he to lecture anybody about money, or car dealerships, or anything else for that matter. It is absolutely ridiculous. You have to treat them well, after all they are paying for that studio in your garage. The sort of thing Iris DeMent recently noted was way more expensive than going to a studio and recording there.

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