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Creem – America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, Reviewed Issue By Issue – May 1977 (Volume 8, Number 12) 

As the staff turns: Bill Gubbins short stay as a Creem editor has ended, leaving Susan Whitall as “Features Editor,” Linda Barber as “Assistant Editor,” Eric Genheimer as “Consulting Editor,” and Billy Altman as “Record Review Editor/New York Editor.” Once again, it is noteworthy that despite the “bad boy” image of Creem, females were often working in the key editorial positions.  

In the “Mail” section, Lester Bangs apologized for his “lazy attitude” toward his recent Jefferson Starship article, and it was noted that libel lawyers removed “the fun parts.” Sounds like some good juicy gossip slithered away from us. Joan Jett, speaking on behalf of the Runaways, threatened to kick Rick Johnson’s “ass in.” 


“Burton Cummings’ Diet Tips,” by Darcy Diamond 

“An Afternoon with Some Nice Guys…Kansas,” by Darcy Diamond 

“Blondie: High School Never Ends!,” by Toby Goldstein 

“In Search of Thin Lizzy: Our Reporter is Late for Another Important Date,” by Patrick Goldstein 

“Queen: A Night at the Garden,” by Kris Nicholson 

“Television: More than Just a Boob Tube,” by Stephen Demorest 

None of the features are essential/life changing, but they are all well written and you can see “America’s Only” leaning into the punk music with pieces on Blondie and Television. The Kris Nicholson cover story on Queen does a good job of laying out the band’s appeal, excesses, and limitations. And Phil Lynott just seemed like one hell of a good man, who loved being a rock star, but never let his ego outpace his roots. 

Quotable Quotes:   

Kim Fowley on the Runaways, “I’m through with that hustle until they clean up their stage act and start taking daddy’s advice. Right now, Cherie Currie has all the stage presence of Eleanor Roosevelt.” 

Burton Cummings, “Randy (Bachmann) and I come from different places. He was married and Mormon. Now that’s a double negative connotation if ever I heard one – at least from where I was coming. I liked that slicker life – boozing, women.” 

Darcy Diamond, “Kansas has a name which suits them. Like the state – broad, wide, plain, vacant, American, and Midwestern.” 

Toby Goldstein on Debbie Harry/Blondie, “A sexy, pouty thing, judging from her pix, a quasi-throwback to the rat-teased, black stockinged bad girls of the early 60’s, meeting behind back fences at the girls’ gym…Remember going to the movies and imagining the sex and violence? That’s Blondie, a feast of memory.” 

Phil Lynott, “I only became a bass player because of the girls. When we were younger the only way to impress the girls was to go down to the local pub and beat everybody else up. Starting a rock band was easier than that. It didn’t leave as many scars.” 

Kris Nicholson, “Queen IS a good studio band-cum-variety show with a flair for novelty, a patent on mock opera and Rock of Gibraltar guitar harmonies.” 

Brian May, “I think live albums are a cop out. Yeah, I know Frampton sold millions of records, but I don’t think you can capture the whole thing outside of a studio.” 

Al Kooper, “Can I tell a story a Robert Christgau story? It was at the Monterey Pop Festival, and Ravi Shankar was going to go on, so a lot of musicians had come to hear him. Practically half the audience were musicians…So, in the 5th row there’s this guy who’s got the ball game on his transistor radio. Robert Christgau. The people around him tried to get him to turn it down – he wouldn’t, so he was finally ejected.” 

Simon Frith, “People vs. Glamour is a scam. The Sex Pistols have been playing a showbiz game from the beginning and why not if they wanted people to listen to what they’ve got to say.” 

Rick Johnson on Dick Clark, “He doesn’t like a day older than a clean urinal.” 

Peter Laughner on Television’s “Marquee Moon,” “(Tom) Verlaine has created a poetry which is indeed his alone, a poetry of inspiration at once childlike and subtle, entirely of nuances, evocative of the most delicate vibrations of the nerves, the most fugitive echoes of the heart.” 

Richard Riegel, “The Ramones are the tradition-smashing, door-opening Beatles of New York Rock, and their abilities should make it all a lot easier for everyone from Talking Heads to Tuff Darts from now on (thereby making us rube consumers out in the chainsaw-infested wilderness the ultimate beneficiaries). And that’s plenty okay, ain’t it?” 

Stephen Demorest of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” album, “For all their gritty, smoky flavoring, they’re kidding themselves if they don’t recognize the little witch with the spells in her voice as the front-woman.” 

Billy Altman on Iggy & the Stooges “Metallic K.O.” album, “’Metallic K.O.’ is open warfare of the bloodiest and guttiest kind…After side two, there is nothing. After side two, you can take all your records and your radio and toss ‘em right out the window. After side two, you wanna get into a car and plow down the highway at 90 mph and wrap yourself around (a) telephone pole. Because you’ve heard IT now and there is no coming back.” 

Summary: Synergy – the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects 

Grade: A 

Latest price on eBay: $25.00 or “Best Offer.” 

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