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Creem – America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, Reviewed Issue By Issue –March 1982 (Volume 13, Number 10)

As we all know, the March issue of Creem is when the Readers’ Poll Results were revealed. The Stones dominated, winning best album (“Tattoo You”), best single (“Start Me Up”), Best R&B Album/Single, Best Group, Best Live Group, etc. Problem children AC/DC snuck in a “Best Reissue” win with the “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” album, while Pat Benatar took the Boy Howdy! for “Best Female Singer” and “Sex Object of the Year.” Kiss was no longer viewed as being worthwhile of anyone’s disgust – Van Halen picked up “The Worst Group Award” (while being #3 in the Top Group after the Stones and The Clash). David Lee Roth carried “Most Pathetic of the Year” honors. The Go-Go’s won a cover inset pic as the “Best New Group” and “Our Lips Are Sealed” placed second in the “Best Singles” category. 

Bruce Cockburn discussed his songwriting and his Christianity in “BGO” piece with Jim Feldman. In the same section, Toby Goldstein interviewed Bow Wow Wow’s Annabella Lu Win, who was a cynical, music biz veteran at the age of sixteen.  

In “Rock n’ Roll News” it was reported that Steve Walsh had left the band Kansas to continue his solo career. He would crawl back to the group about five years later.  

The Go-Go’s looked adorable in their “Creem’s Profiles” moment. 


“Willy Deville Wants to Dream: There’s a New Rose in Spanish Harlem,” by John Neilson 

“SCTV Takes Off, Eh? (THANK YOU, CANADA!),” by Susan Whitall 

“The One and Only Combined NRBQ: Noting Really Beats Quality,” by Dave DiMartino 

“Bob Dylan: More of an Outlaw Than You Ever Were? (Hold the Mayo on the Golden Globe Awards),” by Richard Riegel  

John Neilson was one of the few music journalists who didn’t gush over Willy DeVille, which seemed to have made the pirate costumed singer extremely defensive.  

Susan Whitall penned a lengthy piece on the Canadian sketch television show “SCTV,” interviewing Eugene Levy, Joe Flaherty, and Andrea Martin. The extraordinary cast also included John Candy, Catherine O’Hara, and Rick Moranis. She also did a sidebar interview with Bob & Doug McKenzie (Dave Thomas and Rock Moranis). Whitall was an unabashed fan of the show and her enthusiasm was validated by the major successes that many of the cast members had.  

Dave DiMartino wrote about the history of NRBQ, interviewed Terry Adams from the band, who raved about Skeeter Davis/the Davis Sisters and the Shaggs. Wrestling legend Captain Lou Albano made a cameo appearance. Another fine piece from Dave.  

Richard Riegel penned an excellent think piece on Bob Dylan, which included attending an energetic live show.  

Quotable Quotes:   

Bruce Cockburn, “It’s not my big aim in life to have top 40 singles. That’s nice if it happens.” 

Annabella Lu Win, “You’ve got to expect to get exploited, especially in the music business.” 

Willy DeVille, “Elvis Costello IS a fascist, ain’t he?” 

Willy DeVille, “I love my craft, but I hate this business.” 

Terry Adams of NRBQ, “There’s so much pressure to have an identifiable style. I think we have an identifiable style – it just doesn’t fit in the categories that they know from the past.” 

Richard Riegel on Bob Dylan, “I’d love to have you confront me just once, Bob, simply to see what kind of mind games you might run on me, just to sit there in happy amazement, uttering silent-hipster ‘Go man, go!’s, as you reduced my wormy rockcritic soul to less than zero, no limit.” 

Edouard Dauphin on the film “Body Heat,” “Their story is the worst thing to come out of the Everglade State since Jimmy Buffet.” 

Michael Davis, “The Cars are a cool school rock ‘n’ roll band in the classic tradition. They wear their antecedents openly on their sleeves, ones who’ve been more identified with restraint than with aggression. Buddy Holly not Jerry Lee Lewis. ? and the Mysterians, not Jimi Hendrix. ‘Sweet Jane,’ not ‘Sister Ray.’” 

Rick Johnson, “David Byrne – what a creepy looking guy! Rogue eyeballs and an Adam’s apple that call its own shots. So stiff that, if he stood in a draft, he’d twang.” 

Richard A. Pinkston IV, “Carrying the ‘Ringo Starr Songbook’ is not going to activate any hernias, but he comes up with a choice one from time to time.” 

Summary:  It’s a treat to go back and read pieces on quality cult artists like Bruce Cockburn and NRBQ 

Grade: A- 

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