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Creem – America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, Reviewed Issue By Issue –June 1982 (Volume 14, Number 1) 

The rock ‘n’ roll loving Joan Jett, looking sleek and sexy in a leather jumpsuit, was featured on the cover of the June 1982 issue of Creem. Iman Lababedi interviewed Joan and her high-strung manager Kenny Laguna, who had worked their way from relative obscurity since the breakup of the Runaways, to the top of the pop charts. Iman on his interaction with the punk princess, “Joanie talks as though she’s stepped right out of 1972. I’ve cut out loads of ‘a-fucking-mazings’ and ‘mans’ stuck on the end of every other sentence, as in ‘in-fucking-credible-man.’ She’s a complete throwback to long gone days of rock naivete, as though the past five years haven’t happened. I think it’s that naivete that attracts me to her music today.”  

The death of Ozzy guitarist Randy Rhoads was reported in “Rock ‘n’ Roll News.” 

In perhaps their first mention in the magazine, Robert Christgau reviewed The Replacements’ “Sorry, Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash” album, awarding it a B+.  

Muddy Waters was the subject of the “Creem’s Profiles.” His profession – Hoochie Coochie Man. 


“Huey Lewis Makes the News,” by Michael Goldberg 

“One Quarterflash, Three Parts Foolish: A Seafood Mama Hardens Her Heart!,” By Sylvie Simmons 

“Del Shannon’s Fugitive Kind of Love,” by Mitchell Cohen 

“Joan Jett Is a Very Nice Girl, The Public’s Vindication of An Ex-Runaway,” by Iman Lababedi 

“Hall & Oates Laugh All the Way to the Synth Bank (Do Kraftwerk Sound Like Hall & Oates? No…Can Do),” by Susan Whitall 

“X’s Wild Los Angeles Gift: Sign on the Dotted Line, Please!,” by Richard Grabel 

Huey Lewis was enjoying his newfound success after years of plugging away with little success. Lewis noted that he would not have been broke, playing “funky bars,” for the rest of his life if his career hadn’t taken off. After selling over 30 million albums worldwide, I guess that wasn’t a long-term concern.  

Sylvie Simmons interviewed Marv and Rindy Ross of Quarterflash, who discussed the dynamics of their marriage and professional relationships. Although the band stopped having hits when video killed the radio star, the couple are still together and perform occasional gigs in the Portland area.  

Del Shannon was experiencing a small commercial comeback in the early 1980’s, due to working with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and having a minor Top 40 hit with a cover of “Sea of Love.” Shannon, who committed suicide in 1990, was candid in his interview with Mitch Cohen about his struggles with bad personal habits and insecurities. Retrospectively, it’s a pretty fascinating piece. 

Susan Whitall examined the cross section between synth pop and R&B that Hall and Oates took to the bank in the early 1980s, as well as the author and duo’s Philadelphia roots. 

Richard Grabel interviewed John Doe and Exene of X, who discussed how their personal lives intersected with their music, the business side of the equation, and working with Ray Manzarek (who makes a cameo appearance in the piece).  

Quotable Quotes:   

Captain Beefheart on Ronald Reagan, “A bad actor…he saddle soaps his hair, and tosses jellybeans through rope-tricks.” 

Huey Lewis, “We started out as a musicians’ band. But  we played our first gig and when we finished playing, there were five girls outside the gig waiting for us, saying ‘You guys were great!’ And I thought, Jesus, hang on, we may have something here fellas!” 

Rindy Ross of Quarterflash, “I’d say two-thirds of the people who buy the record are women. And they say things like, I can really UNDERSTAND ‘Harden My Heart.’ In fact one woman said it was her DIVORCE song.” 

Del Shannon, “I bought mountains, and I bought land, and I couldn’t get no hits.” 

Del Shannon, “When I met John Lennon, I said, ‘That’s Dion reincarnated.’ Because of the way he came on. I felt a bit of arrogance. Those kind of people scared me, because they always told you what they really thought.” 

Joan Jett on her chart success, “This is something I’ve been dreaming about since I was 14.” 

Joan Jett, “I don’t LIKE Rick Johnson.” 

Iman Lababedi, “In 1982 the term ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ is meaningless to me; I love music – all types of music, that’s why I write about it, and I won’t be stopped in that love by three little words that are more an archaic form of reference than a viable idiom. Worse still – words that are used to propagate a tired form of teenage rebellion, a rebellion that breaks hearts and kills people…When I suggest this to Joan she physically recoils.” 

Penny Valentine, “This month the Jam came up with ‘Town Called Malice,’ which reflects an urban despair all the worse for its evocation of the current climate of political impotence; the grinding down of active dissent; the cruelty of politics which relies, across Europe and America, on millions of unemployed to frighten the rest of the community into submission.” 

Daryl Hall, “The reason a lot of avant-garde music doesn’t sell is because it stinks.” 

Exene, “We’ve been waiting for the day when we finally would not HAVE to be a punk band anymore.” 

Summary:  Joan Jett didn’t fit into the worlds of AOR or Top 40 radio in 1982, yet still dominated both. An underdog triumph, documented thoroughly by Iman L. 

Grade: A- 

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