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Creem – America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, Reviewed Issue By Issue – January 1982 (Volume 13, Number 8) 

A sweaty, stoned looking Mick Jagger, who was no doubt enjoying the success of the “Tattoo You” album and the international hit single “Start Me Up,” was featured on the cover of the January 1092 issue of Creem. In a lengthy interview with Ray Bonici, Mick discussed different tracks on the “Tattoo You” album, acting experiences, and managing tour expenses for the band. Mick came across as equal parts artist and businessman.  

In “Creem’s Profiles,” James Brown looked resplendent while modeling a can of Boy Howdy! Creem went the rare movie star route for “The Creem Dream,” highlighting the backside view of Jamie Lee Curtis. 

In the back of the issue was a small, legal notice type of note, titled “Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation for Creem Magazine.” It was reported that the magazine printed on average 208,702 copies of Creem over the prior year with a total paid circulation of 98,782. 


“Feels Like the Furs Time,” by John Mendelsson 

“Genesis of a Solo Career: Phil Collins Has It His Way,” by Chris Saleswicz 

“Mick Jagger Starts It Up! Hanging Fire Where the Boys All Go,” by Ray Bonici 

“Ian Hunter Likes Rock ‘n’ Roll: Scrutinizing a Schizophrenic,” by Bill Holdship 

“The Soul You Save May Be Your Own: Devo’s New Traditionalism in Action,” by Toby Goldstein 

John Mendelssohn interviewed Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs, a gentle sounding man fronting a harsh sounding band. Mendelssohn noted the band had released “one of the most stunning tracks of the decade to date in ‘Pretty in Pink.’”  

Phil Collins talked about the changing musical direction of Genesis, his role in the band (stating that the other band members “had no personality onstage”), and a recent divorce (“you can’t really expect someone to understand why you have to be responsible to three other people”).  

Ian Hunter was a fantastic interview subject, because he always sounded like he had overdosed on truth serum. Bill Holdship did a bang up job with this piece.  

Toby Goldstein’s piece on Devo simply served as another opportunity for the band to share their completely ingrained cynicism. 

Quotable Quotes:   

Mick Fleetwood, “A lot of people seem to want to hear that we’re breaking up. Sorry to disappoint them.”

Rock ‘n’ Roll News editor, “Queen’s next single, ‘Under Pressure, will be a collaborative effort with David Bowie…There’s no truth to the rumor that Brian Eno will join Molly Hatchet on that band’s next LP.” 

John Mendelssohn, “If after seeing and hearing the Stray Cats, you don’t agree with their manager that singer/guitarist Brian Setzer has what it takes to make you forget Eddie Cochran, it can only be because you haven’t a clue who Eddie Cochran was in the first place.” 

Edouard Dauphin on seeing Lene Lovich perform without an elevated stage, “You could HEAR Lene Lovich but not SEE her or her band unless you were in the first row, on stilts or a happened to be a member of the Nuba tribe.” 

Richard Butler, “The stuff that made me want to have a band in the first place was Dylan’s, which I always found scornful, and Lou Reed’s. Basically, I always found that I was made to FEEL cynical, bitter sorts of things much more than by the Beach Boys, if you like, or Crosby, Stills, & Nash.” 

Phil Collins, “I urge people to forget what they think of Genesis.” 

Mick Jagger, “It’s all a sideline to me. When the tour is all over and the record is done I just won’t think about it for another six months.” 

Mick Jagger, “We didn’t want to do ‘As Tears Go By’ because we’re supposed to be r&b.” 

Ian Hunter, “I look at some of my old friends. A lot of them are dead, while others are doing remarkably long stretches in prison. I would have probably ended up where they are if I hadn’t had Jerry Lee Lewis. It was my salvation – it gave me something to live for and strive for.” 

Ian Hunter on Barry Manilow’s cover of “Ships,” “It was interesting what he did, he modulates a lot. I’d never really studied the AM, and the modulation fascinated me. He was never content to stay in one key.” 

Hunter, “I couldn’t understand what ‘Sweet Jane’ was about, not being a New York fag.” 

Rick Johnson on Devo, “While their signature beat is really just another version of the physiologically irresistible hesitation shuffle, the spudoids’ singular attack makes it all theirs…Yes, it chokes my gopher.” 

Summary:  The contrast in interviews between Mick Jagger and Ian Hunter are pretty fascinating, with the former being completely calculated and the latter being completely genuine.  

Grade: A- 

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