Courtney Love Covers Her Favorite Songs In A New Video Series, ‘Bruises of Roses’

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Courtney Love Covers

Courtney Love covers her favorite songs


Courtney Love was in the news today just because she killed any hope for a possible Hole reunion during an interview. Honestly, I couldn’t care less, reunions are always overrated and a disaster anyway, and in the case of Hole, this is even a relief.

But I am not mentioning Courtney Love for this insignificant piece of news, there is something much more ‘shocking’ in the Vogue interview, at least to me: Courtney Love has decided to cover her favorite songs in a new video series called ‘Bruises of Roses,’ and the article reveals that she will cover ‘an eclectic mix of artists ranging from Simon & Garfunkel to Elliott Smith.’

This hits too close to home for comfort. Obviously, I don’t have to listen to any of her covers if I find them awful, but the idea she has the confidence to attempt anything like this is mind-blowing. Anyone who has listened to her memorable (and plain horrible) cover of Big Star’s ‘Thirteen’ may understand what I mean. Did anyone think this is a good idea? She butchered, massacred the song, and she doesn’t even have an ounce of regret if she persists with the same style of repertoire. Not everything can get the raw treatment, especially when it’s so out of tune. The article doesn’t say which other song she will cover, but if she intends to cover anything from this playlist that she made, it could be your eardrums’ next nightmare.

The series already has a video out, a cover of ‘California Stars’ by Billy Bragg and Jeff Tweedy, and if you pass the raspy voice, the song sort of fits her style, although her cover doesn’t do anything to me. This other excerpt (a cover of Aimee Mann’s ‘Philly Sinks’ that she posted on Instagram) is another story, and probably a mistake.

Here is Courtney Love talking about her musical projects with Vogue – because, you know, she is a fashion queen first – recovering for all sorts of stuff as she claims, and covering songs she loves with the confidence that only decades of fame and money can provide – she has been living in a London Hotel suite since the start of the pandemic… just imagine the bill.

Bashing Courtney Love is easy, but again, listen to her Big Star’s ‘Thirteen’ cover, and let me know how she sounds. Everything in this interview makes me cringe a bit more about the fascinating life of Courtney Love. From the casual tone she uses to tell us she almost died from anemia – but would you post such a glamour shot venting the goodness of CBD oils if you were close to death? – to the endorsements of big fashion names, to the ‘cool’ music names she says she hangs out with (Karen Elson, Lana Del Rey), to her pride as a ‘mentor,’ to her renewed artist status. It’s always about Courtney Love, her persona at the center of all attention, and her sycophants praising her talent and her voice. This is probably the most astonishing part, being praised even though you have always sounded like this.


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