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Could Steve Albini Really Believe Kurt Cobain Was Murdered?


Albini and Nirvana


This weekend, after the release of pictures of the gun involved in Kurt Cobain’s death – and this is how I will refer to it considering the increasing amount of oddities surrounding the case – there were a lot of internet discussions if you were on social media. It is understandable, everyone believed the gun had been melted as Courtney Love had declared it in 1994, and incredibly, pictures of the weapon were popping up 22 years later, without any explanation! To make things even weirder, the pictures were taken on June 11th 2015 (you can verify the dates on some shots) the exact date of the domestic release of Ben Statler’s documentary ‘Soaked in Bleach’. ‘I’m sure that’s just a coincidence,’ sarcastically commented Statler on Facebook.

Among all these discussions, a comment left by a young musician who worked with Steve Albini caught that attention of many Cobain’s fans. The comment was left on the CNN Facebook page, where an article about the gun was posted, and I will simply repost the comment here:

‘I recorded a record with Steve Albini (he did IN UTERO) last year and asked him point blank what his opinion is of Kurt’s death. his response was “If you’re asking rather i think he was murdered or not. the answer is YES. Everyone that was close to Kurt including family, friends, BANDMATES, management, record label, and his lawyers believe Kurt was murdered. It’s common knowledge in the music industry. The only people that believe Kurt committed suicide are the general public because that’s what they were told by the press.” Steve has no reason to lie about it and nothing to gain. He hasn’t gone public about it. However, if you ask him he’ll tell you the truth. He was very matter of fact and if you know anything about Steve then you know he is no bullshitter.’

Of course when someone writes something like this on social media, we have all the rights to be suspicious, but if you check his page, this guy is really a musician who has apparently worked with Albini, since he has posted a few pictures of him with Albini on his wall… why saying this publicly if it didn’t happened? He defended himself later in the same thread:

‘Again, Steve Albini has no reason to lie about this and neither do i. My bass player was sitting right next to me during the conversation with Steve. You’re gonna believe what you want to believe and that’s fine. I just thought i’d share some insight that comes from someone who was actually around and involved with the band and continues to be. Ask Steve yourself and i’m sure he’ll be happy to tell you the same thing he told me and my bassist.’

I can’t contact Albini to confirm anything but it is indeed very weird to drop the name of someone this famous at the risk to get sued? At the risk to make serious accusations? It is also very unusual for someone famous to speak so openly about a controversy, a controversy which seems to grow bigger every day.

Since 1994, Kurt Cobain’s bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have always publicly denied the murder theory, and curiously, this weekend Novoselic was very active on Twitter, responding to fans who were trying to get his opinion about the new gun pictures. He was not happy with that and even got rude telling some of them ‘Fuck You and your confirmation bias’, calling one of them ‘conspiracy theory nut’… Krist even found a way to justify the unusually long gun allegedly used by Cobain to commit suicide: ‘20 gauge gun proves it’s suicide. Kurt tricked Dylan into buying that gun for self-protection. Hunting gun for small game.’

For me, the fact that he felt the need to answer to random people about this story looks crazy, why Krist? Conspiracy theorists have always existed, why do you need to answer to them suddenly? Or may be you now feel you need to, more than ever, defend the convenient idea of suicide you have supported for 22 years? Could it be because Courtney Love is still a business partner in the Nirvana LLC? Could it be because she could seriously cut your paychecks if you two speak against her one day? Even though she handed over control of her share to Frances Bean Cobain a few years ago, she is once again in very good terms with her daughter, so let’s presume she is still very much in control. Everyone was looking very cozy at this Nirvana induction into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame in 2014.

If what Albini said is true, and he is a reputed to be a straight shooter, this story saddens me even more. Shame on people who don’t talk or worse, people who lie about what they know because of stupid reasons such as money, fame and career, shame on these people who are plain coward.


  1. Dustin Selfridge on February 25, 2017 at 12:53 am

    Courtney love is obviously guilty, Dave grohl is a successful crappy boring songwriter. He knows Kurt was murdered and krist is there bitch boy keeping the suicide theory going. How can you sellout out your supposed best friend? You are scared and making money for it period. I loved nirvana and thought they were going to lead rock in a different beautifullly artistic direction inspiring a new level of music that would have made the industry a whole lot more money than sacrificing Kurt, but I know those witches needed to satisfy the spirits so instead they could shove the low frequency, low level crappy foo fighters in our ears, and letting Courtney play unplugged!? Then profit off kurts music and writings over the next 25 years? I’m wondering when these vampires are going to sell his paintings. Sickening is the word. I lost all faith in any successful music. I now know exactly what the term “sellout” means. You have to sell your soul literally and they obviously all have. An eternity off suffering for fortune and fame. That same old story, ain’t it a shame. Courtney needs to be prosecuted I pray for that day! I propose a different way to get success in music. Tune your guitars back down to the original tuning not A440 its only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear though so I conveniently forgot, oh well whatever nevermind.

  2. Adrienne on May 10, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    I continue to be shocked that people like Danny Goldberg, Charles Cross, Dave & Krist (and others too connected to Courtney) won’t entertain the idea that Kurt was possibly murdered. It’s just another indication that something is rotten to the core with the chain of events surrounding Kurt’s death. These people have the right to their opinion just like I do but how they can dismiss some of the evidence that around the crime scene … and that’s what it looks like to me, a CRIME scene. Rock the boat for Kurt and stand up for him if you believe the there was foul play. Some day there needs to be Justice for Kurt Cobain!

  3. Harry Palm on May 11, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    If I was a celebrity and thought he was murdered, I sure as shit wouldn’t go public with my beliefs, because I wouldn’t want to wind up like Cobain and Eldon Hoke from Mentors.. I don’t think Love masterminded this because she isn’t intelligent enough, but I think she benefited from it. I think much more shadowy and dark forces were at work here; the same sort who did away with other rock stars and celebrities since the ’60s.

  4. LINCOLN RAMOS on October 12, 2021 at 8:35 am

    Dough Ray and Me, the cartoon of 1948 and Cobain predilect, explained.

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