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Consumer Alert: Don’t Use StubHub Any Longer

Stubhub has been my go to ticket brokerage firm since at least 2009, I used it for cheap last minute tickets, for sold out show, I used it for tickets to “Harry Potter And The Cursed Child” on the West End years before the show hit Broadway. The London, England, tickets were particularly tricky because I was travelling from New York City and if it had gone wrong it would have gone very wrong.

Then, like everybody else, the pandemic roiled them and I had around $3K in pending ticket. Clearly, the logistics of paying everybody while getting their money back from sellers would have bankrupted, so they changed their terms of engagement and kept their shekels in the bank. I got offered 125% of what I was owed for future tickets and took it.

I have been waiting for my tickets to Governor Ball to be forwarded all month. Then I received a notice on their website saying they couldn’t get my tix and I should have received a notification or a phone call. I tried calling but the wait time was three hours plus and they don’t want to hear it till 24 hours before the show which won’t work if the tickets are hard copies not digital. I tried emailing them (including from their preferred client address) but they were all undeliverable, I tried their customer service form, no reply. So I checked out their consumer complaints (here) and (here), these two are typical:

“If I could rate Stubhub 0 stars, that would be too many as they are unbelievably unethical and I will tell you why: We had a weekend game rescheduled due to weather to a Monday night. They offer to allow me to sell with no “sellers” fee and they do not refund the “buyers” fee that I paid. If my tickets sell, I can purchase new tickets and a second “buyers” fee. That’s 2 “buyers” fee paid by me for going to one game. Keep in mind that the purchasers of my sold tickets will pay a new “buyers” fee for the same set of tickets that this fee was already paid on. This is unethical that it is not refunded to allow the sale as I could not go to the game. I called them to complain and 3.5 hours of hold to reach an individual that is happy to tell you that you should have shopped elsewhere for your tickets as we like to take advantage of our customers.”

“I (also) ordered a 2 day ticket to an event that was moved due to Caldor fire. The new venue is honoring all tickets to original venue but stubhub said my tickets were no longer valid and they’ll be refunding my money. I have to buy the tickets all over again day before event at twice the price I originally paid. What’s worse is my refund was never issued and they wanted to give me an account credit for the amount instead that couldn’t be applied to purchase of new tickets. As if I’d ever want to put myself through this experience again. Their “Fan Protect” guarantee isn’t honored at all. They are corrupt, ruthless scammers; the ultimate scalpers. NEVER EVER USE STUBHUB!!!!”

It was that one that made me decide to let them have my money and move on. Even if I waited half a day on hold and they promised to fix it, it wouldn’t mean anything at all. I cut my losses and bought a three day pass on seatgeek. I will never use stubhub again, I daren’t. If ever a business was based upon a bond between consumer and company, ticket brokers is: there are so many variables, from lost tix to fake tix to no tix, that unless the company backs it up with superb the consumer is left dangling outside arena’s around the country.

Stubhub’s reputation is shot to smithereens, they need to regroup and figure out how to fix, if they can fix, this public relations nightmare. I don’t think there is anything they can do to get me back.

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  1. Bill Morrison on May 10, 2022 at 3:23 pm

    You can’t use them for a baseball game. If your game gets rained out, you don’t get the rain check feature; that stays with the seller. So I just RISKED $872 on the weather man. If he doesn’t cooperate you are S&*T out of luck.

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