Coachella May Have Been Postponed Until October 2021

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Coachella may have



How long will we have to endure this situation? This concert-festival withdrawal? Probably even longer than you think. According to Rolling Stone, Coachella may have just been postponed for the third time: The famous music festival could be delayed until October 2021, and who knows what will happen till then?

Remember, Coachella was supposed to happen in April 2020, then was postponed until October 2020, then until April 2021, and now until October 2021. Even though this is not official yet, promoters AEG and Goldenvoice suggested to Rolling Stones that next fall could be the new date.

One person who works at a talent agency representing some performers declared: ‘Frankly, they were supposed to announce [the change] over Labor Day. They hadn’t. And they were supposed to announce at the end of September — they hadn’t.’. “They are holding the first three weeks to be safe.’

And who knows about the possible availability of the lineup in one year? ‘Most, if not everyone, are watching what Coachella does,’ continued the source, ‘a lot of people are going to wait to see what they do before they really solidify their plans and either have to compete with artists or renegotiate.’

A very similar thing happened to another big festival, Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival: the big event has also been rescheduled for the third time, as it was first postponed until September 2020, then until June 2021, and now until September 2021.

At this point, the promoters should give up announcing dates, it could take a few years for the situation to be back to ‘normal,’ so what’s the point to keep announcing dates after dates? After so many postponements, it’s legitimate to suspect these dates could change again

One of the co-founders of Lollapalooza said festivals may not return until 2022. If Lollapalooza 2020 was a virtual event, no dates have been announced for their 2021 edition and this says everything. This is the sad reality of this pandemic.

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