Charging Exorbitant Prices For Unvaccinated People? Is This The solution For Concerts?

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exorbitant prices for unvaccinated

charging exorbitant prices for unvaccinated people?


In California, the governor has just launched a $116.5 million giveaway for vaccinated Californians, to encourage people to get vaccinated. If this sounds weird to you, wait until you read what’s happening in Florida.

Leadfoot Promotions, a Tampa Bay show promoter for the Florida underground music scene, came up with an idea to encourage concert-goers to do the right thing during the pandemic: they are offering $18 discounted tickets to an upcoming show for those who have been vaccinated and charging $999.99 per ticket for those who have not been vaccinated. Charging exorbitant prices for unvaccinated people? Isn’t it surprising this is happening in Florida?

The concert, set to take place on June 26 in St. Petersburg, will feature 3 punk rock banks, Teenage Bottlerocket, MakeWar, and Rutterkin, but no offense to them, they may be good acts, but this event certainly does not have the rock power to make you blow $1k! So far, no ticket at $999.99 has been sold whereas 250 fans have bought tickets at $18.

‘I also wanted it to be a vaccine drive to get the fence-sitters off the fence,’ Leadfoot Promotions’ Paul Williams told ABC News. ‘I wanted to get the kids that want to go to shows to go out and get their shots.’ ‘The response to his initiative from the local music scene has been ‘overwhelmingly positive,’ Williams added, although some anti-vaxxers have inundated his answering machine with spam messages.

I wonder whether this could be a trend, imagine the anger from people if large promoters like AXS or Live Nation start doing the same thing? They will have to come up with better vaccination cards because the current ones are too easy to imitate, but it’s certainly not out of reach: if the state can enter your name in a vaccine lottery, your vaccination records are already in a big database.

Anti-vaxxers will probably protest in the name of their freedom, bringing up discrimination, and invasion of privacy but any promoter could technically do this. I bet nobody is gonna pay $1k to see Teenage Bottlerocket but imagine how much the tickets have to be sold to dissuade unvaccinated people to buy a seat for a Radiohead concert?

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