The ABCs Of 1979

Steve Crawford’s Essential Songs from 1979

By Steve Crawford | September 21, 2023

a pretty solid starter kit

Steve Crawford’s Recommended Albums of 1979 in Preference Order

By Steve Crawford | September 20, 2023

my list syncs up pretty well with the 1979 Village Voice Pazz and Jop

The ABCs of 1979 from Tom Waits to ZZ Top

By Steve Crawford | September 17, 2023

a smart, yet quite arch, young band finding their stride

The ABCs of 1979 from James Taylor to Loudon Wainwright III

By Steve Crawford | September 11, 2023

legit rock star charisma

The ABCs of 1979 from Gino Soccio to Tavares

By Steve Crawford | September 6, 2023

clearly aimed at the dance floor

The ABCs of 1979 from Roxy Music to Patti Smith

By Steve Crawford | September 5, 2023

A Chic album with different singers

The ABCs of 1979 from the Raincoats to Diana Ross

By Steve Crawford | August 31, 2023

soaked me in happiness

The ABCs of 1979 from Pere Ubu to Rainbow

By Steve Crawford | August 30, 2023

a very Vegas take on rock ‘n’ roll

The ABCs of 1979 from Mutiny to Teddy Pendergrass

By Steve Crawford | August 29, 2023

I love “Another Girl, Another Planet” more than I love my dog

The ABCs of 1979 from Mass Production to Anne Murray

By Steve Crawford | August 27, 2023

slathered in happiness

The ABCs of 1979 from the Kinks to Marseille

By Steve Crawford | August 24, 2023

class weirdo/hiccupping vocal

The ABCs of 1979 from Gregory Isaacs to the Kendalls

By Steve Crawford | August 21, 2023

advocates smashing in the brains of fascists – over a sweet, lilting rhythm

The ABCs of 1979 from Peter Green to the Iron City Houserockers

By Steve Crawford | August 17, 2023

Almost Essential Cut

The ABCs of 1979 From Aretha Franklin to GQ

By Steve Crawford | August 14, 2023

GQ took this album platinum

The ABCs of 1979 from Bob Dylan to Peter Frampton

By Steve Crawford | August 11, 2023

a garage rock band fronted by a beat poet

The ABCs of 1979 from Leonard Cohen to Ian Dury

By Steve Crawford | August 7, 2023

hardcore mixed with Gary Glitter

The ABCs of 1979 From the Buzzcocks to Bruce Cockburn

By Steve Crawford | August 3, 2023

what the first-generation rock critics pretended the early Who sounded like

The ABCs of 1979 From the Bee Gees to Duncan Brown

By Steve Crawford | August 1, 2023

Philly soul, ballads, and lively grooves

The ABC’s of 1979 (Alphabetically From The A’s to the Beat)

By Steve Crawford | July 27, 2023

This column begins my deep dive into the year, which will include capsule reviews of hundreds of albums and will end with a listing of “Essential Songs” for the year