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Ultra Pics Taken Off Spin.com (sorry Spin, but your editor should answer my Elliott Smith questions)

By admin | March 31, 2010

Will. I.Am LMFAO Mainstage 2 David Guetta… Wait, no David Guetta??? And you call yourself a music website

The Things We Absolutely Know About Elliott Smith’s Death by Iman Lababedi

By admin | March 30, 2010

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of a story and you wonder how the hell you got there. That’s the way I feel about the well documented but still open ended death of Elliott Smith. I have no idea what the story is but I know: nothing I’ve heard has the ring of truth…

Elliott Smith’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” Reviewed: Letting Something Go by Helen Bach

By admin | March 27, 2010

Until this week I had no idea who Elliott Smith was. Up until yesterday I didn’t even know if the name Elliott had 1 or 2 t’s in it. But today I heard him for the first time in “Somebody That I Used To Know” A gorgeous voice and a sweet acoustic guitar but not…

The Elliott Smith Mystery Continues by Iman Lababedi

By admin | March 27, 2010

Six years after his death, mystery surrounds Elliott Smiths passing. To paraphrase Linda Thompson: did he jump or was he pushed? I have contacted the LAPD and I have called Elliott’s PR company but so far haven’t heard back from either. In the interim, the anonymous comment reader who, along with Larry Crane, is leading…

Elliott Smith’s Death Mystery: Larry Crane Commented And Questioned On Rock NYC by Iman Lababedi

By admin | March 26, 2010

How did we end up here? Yesterday I posted a cut and paste job off spinner.com about Elliott Smith fans being upset over the re-mastering of two of Elliott Smith’s best albums by the Smith’s producer, friend, and the executor of Smith’s musical archives, Larry Crane. I refered to Smith as a suicide and I compared …

How Did Elliott Smith Die? Maybe Not A Suicide by Iman Lababedi

By admin | March 25, 2010

Earlier today I wrote a post about the remastering of two Elliott Smith’s album by his studio friend, producer, and archivist Larry Crane. I mentioned Elliott Smith’s “suicide” and suggested a remastering might be a disservice to Smith’s technique. Crane, a great producer who has worked with many Rock NYC faves including the Decemberists and…