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Career Apexes: Pop Stars And The Famous At Their Height Continued

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about pop stars apexes (here) and the response was, to put it simply, astounding. Nobody read it. Soooo…. never one to let abject failure bother him, here we add to where we were and  include stars of more than music… This is the purest expression of the pandemic, Got the idea from watching the curve flatten and it hit me that lives could be seen in a similar manner.

Aimee Mann – The Magnolia soundtrack highlighted by a New York Times interview (here)

Alfred Hitchcock  – “Vertigo”

Andrew Cuomo – The daily Covid-19 News conference which hit an apex in mid-April, as he was going to meet Donald Trump and got a warship he didn’t need.

Arcade Fire – There The Suburbs roll out was a masterpiece for an album the exact sound their fans wanted

Bee Gees – The Saturday Night Fever songs

Beyonce – The Coachella concert

Biggie Smalls – “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”

Big L –  ‘Ebonics”

Blake Shelton – 2013’s “Based On A True Story” tour

Blondie – circa American Gigolo

Bob Dylan – Another tough one… the Before The Flood Tour

Bob Geldof – The Live Aid gig

Bob Marley – Live in 1975 (at the Lyceum)

Bugs Bunny  The one at the opera

Bright Eyes – I’m Wide Wake, It’s Morning

Bruce Springsteen – even though I dislike it, The Rising was the height…

Carly Simon – No Secrets album, you can mention it in the same sentence as Tapestry.

Carole King – Tapestry 

Charles Dickens – “Great Expectations”

Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young – Deja Vu 

Dawes – “All Your Favorite Bands” was a fluke and a height.

David Essex – “Rock On” even broke North America

Donovan – “Sunshine Superman”

Drake – I wanted to go with the Drake-Lil Wayne tour in 2013, but it isn’t really true. It is “God’s Plan” and Drake has remained huge since but that was the height and he is coming down

Dusty Springfield – I know you think it’s In Memphis, but 1966’s “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” is IT

Ed Sheeran – Divide

Eric Clapton – Oddly, his greatest moment wasn’t about electric guitar, 461 Ocean Boulevward

Elvis Costello – tricky, very tricky… “Everyday I Write The Book” in sales, Imperial Bedroom for art

Elvis Presley – also tricky but the 1968 special had everything

Eminem – where Rihanna and “Love The Way You Lie” changed him overnight back in (incredibly enough) 2010

Fiona Apples – she will never pull off another Fetch The Bolt Cutters

Fred Astaire – “Top Hat”

Gene Kelly – “Singing In The Rain”

George Clooney – Ocean’s Eleven

George Harrison – All Things Must Pass

Hannah Arendt – Her reporting on Adolf Eichman’s trial

Jay Z – The MSG “Fade To Black” gig

Jesus Christ – a toughie at first glance but since he rose from THE DEAD we can’t say that was a highlight of his life, I’ll go with raising Lazarus

John Lennon – “Imagine”

Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison

June Carter Cash – “Ring Of Fire”

Justin Bieber – “Love Yourself,” co-written with Ed Sheeran, 1.5 BILLION streams on Spotify

Kanye West – The “TGIF” songs set the place for the rest of his career -every Friday a mad scramble to find them and download them

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

Laura Marling – counterintuitive, because my ears tell me it was the suite that opens Once I Was An Eagle but my heart tells me it was the 2011 gig at McKittrick Hotel (here)

Laurel And Hardy – “Me And May Pal” – the one where Oliver is getting married and Stan keeps distracting everybody with a jigsaw puzzle, from 1933

Marlon Brando – A Streetcar Named Desire (even the Godfather can’t compare)

Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On”

My Morning Jacket – never came close to “Evil Urges” again -not in a million miles

Nas – Never got back to Illmatic

Patsy Cline – “Crazy”

Paul Anka – writing the lyric to “My Way” for Frank Sinatra

Paul McCartney – Band On The Run

President Barack Obama – Obamacare

President Donald Trump – The week of February 3rd, 2020: acquitted from impeachment, best approval ratings, and at the Iowa Caucus  a 97.1% win

President Franklin Roosevelt – The meeting at Malt(a sign of his greatness: it was near the end of his life)

President John Kennedy – The Cuban Missile crisis

President Richard Nixon – DETENTE!

Phil Collins – His cover of “A Groovy Kind Of Love” shut me up for a second as well

Ravi Shanker – when he cheekily thanked the audience for applauding the tune up at the Concert For Bangladesh

Rihanna – The Global Citizen gig at Central Park in 2016

Ringo Starr – His eponymous third album.

Rosemary Clooney – White Christmas – snow, snow, snow

Squeeze – “Tempted”

Stevie Winwood – Back In The High Life Again

Taylor Swift – The Yahoo listening party for “Shake It Off” followed quickly by the “Blank Space” video

The Bangles – no, not “Manic Monday,” but “Walk Like An Egyptian”. It reminds me of a bar near where Bob Nevin and I worked and we’d watch it on the new at the time video jukebox.

The Band – Their eponymous second album (that’s the one with “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” and “Up On Cripple Creek”)

The Beach Boys – Not to be contentious, but 1965’s Summer Days (And Summer Nights) is as good as Rubber Soul... put it this way: side two goes “California Girls” and “Let Him Run Wild” – on their second of three albums released that year and the first one was the sublime The Beach Boys Today!

The Beatles – That One World satellite show of “All You Need Is Love”

The Boomtown Rats – “I Don’t Like Mondays”

The Clash – Those 17 concerts at Bonds International Casino in New York City

The Monkees – “Daydream Believer” where pop manufacturing  met artistry

The National – 2017, the Grammy for Sleep Well Beast -also their best album

The Rolling Stones – “Miss You” made them the Kings of New York and disco

The Supremes –  “You Can’t Hurry Love”

The Who – Who’s Next 

Tom Jones – an apex is an apex but it might be followed by a plateau, 1965’s “It’s Not Unusual” is the apex, “Green, Green Grass Of Home” the plateau.

Tony Bennett – His joining MLK Jr on the Selma, Montgomery march in 1965

Traffic – “Hole In My Shoe”

Travis Scott – when his wife at the time Kylie Jenner, got in the roller coaster with him at MSG in November 2018

U2 – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”

Van Morrison – “Moondance”

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